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Pillowcases: The Newest In Skincare?

Some may not think much about what covers their pillows, other than whether or not they are comfortable.

However, a tool for fighting wrinkles that doesn’t come in a jar may actually be your pillowcase.

Dermatological research has shown that the type of pillowcase that is slept on over time can affect the appearance of facial skin.

Pillowcases: The Newest In Skincare?

Image source: Wikimedia.org by Lpinaye

One study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology concluded that a reduction in facial wrinkles can occur when sleeping on cases that contain copper oxide fibers. Many satin pillowcases are comprised of these.

Participants enrolled in the tightly controlled clinical study were put into random, double blind, parallel groups. One group slept on pillowcases that were made with copper oxide fibers, and the other group slept on cases that did not contain copper oxide. They were each assessed by specialists at specific points during the study for any changes in the appearance of facial skin using a grading system and 3D Image Analysis. They were checked a final time at the end of the process at 8 weeks.

It was found that those who slept on the copper containing pillowcases saw a substantial reduction in the depth and appearance of wrinkles in the facial area. This included a measurable decrease in “crow’s feet” lines and roughness.

Reportedly, skin assessments showed a major noticeable decrease in wrinkles as well as overall presence at both 2 and 4 weeks, with significant outcomes at the end of the 8 week period.

Many researchers believe the positive effect is due to copper’s properties, which increases the regulation of extracellular skin proteins. When secreted, these can have a regenerating effect on the skin as copper can be absorbed through the skin’s layers.

In contrast, other types of pillowcases may be made with materials that irritate skin and even hair when sleeping on them overnight. Synthetics or textured materials may be abrasive to sensitive facial skin, and this can be aggravated by rubbing around on them over the course of many nights.

Some have considered this to be a beauty secret for years, and the research is definitely interesting.

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