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Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Store bought cereal can contain things you may not want in your diet.

Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Image source: jessicaandsarah.files.wordpress.com

Lots of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other culprits may make you reach for a healthier option at the grocery store, but becoming sticker shocked at the price of a box of cereal can be reason to learn to make your own. It can save money, but also can increase the health benefits.

Making your own cereal may sound daunting if you don’t like to be in the kitchen, but actually the following recipes are doable, and the ingredients can be adjusted to suit any cereal craving.

This recipe for homemade vanilla almond cereal puffs is gluten free, but all-purpose or whole wheat flour can be substituted instead of non-gluten baking flour. It also uses almond flour, but any finely ground nuts can be used instead.

Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Image source: runningtothekitchen.com

Naturally sweetened with antioxidant rich maple syrup and yogurt, it may be a favorite new snack. For a chocolate version, this mocha spin on coco puffs from Cook Republic makes cereal look gourmet.

These great recipes for homemade cinnamon toast crunch (made from actual little toasts) and cookie crisp cereal incredibly makes healthier versions of the boxed favorites. They can be made gluten free, grain free and even egg free. Protein powder can also be added in to max out the health factor.

This fabulous idea for customizable cereal from Willow Bird Baking uses homemade bran flakes and granola as a base for an endless supply of different cereals. This is perfect for the household where everyone likes a different brand.

The homespun bran flakes uses whole wheat flour and almond flour. Packed with oats and coconut, the granola is good alone or as a base for piling on favorite toppings.

Any combination of ingredients can be used and stored separately in mason jars or other sealed containers and kept on hand for easy mixing and matching.

Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Image source: willowbirdbaking.com

Some ideas are to use dried fruits like tart cherries, blueberries, apples, pineapple and raisins. Also, additions like toasted nuts or seeds, dried coconut flakes and chocolate chips are just a few other to consider.

Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Image source: willowbirdbaking.com

Cereal can also be used for toppings on yogurt, ice cream, fruit, or mixed in with other recipes like muffins, cookies and oatmeal.

And don’t just break out cereal in the morning. Consider recipes and ideas for using cereal that gets it out of the breakfast bowl and incorporates it in other dishes.

Though making your own cereal does take a bit of time commitment, the finished products will last for a couple of weeks if kept an air tight container. Depending on the ingredients used, some may require refrigeration.

Many homemade cereal recipes can even be frozen, so ingredients can be doubled to make larger batches. Most foods will freeze better if first dried thoroughly and then placed in a single layer on a cookie sheet or flat surface and frozen until solid. After frozen, the food can be transferred to a storage container.

Check out Mr. Breakfast for links to many other cereal recipes that are made healthier.

Healthier Cereal – Surprisingly Homemade

Image source: wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Ed_g2s

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