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Cardboard Kid’s Crafts

Kids love a good cardboard box, and even better than a plain one are boxes turned into fun projects.

Investing a little time turning cardboard into pretend items will provide kids with hours of imaginative play.

If you have ever looked at kitchen play sets then you know how costly they can be. Try making a play oven from a cardboard box that can provide all the play without the price. Martha Stewart has a tutorial for an upscale stove that doesn’t look like cardboard at all. Also, save restaurant drink holders and use them for the burners. If you don’t want to stop at the oven, build an entire kitchen from cardboard.

You can give boxes and repurposed household items a coat or two of indoor safe paint to make cardboard appliances last longer.

For more fun with boxes, save up things like milk, egg and orange juice containers. Stickers like the ones from Box Play for Kids turn everyday boxes into constructive entertainment. Other items, like cardboard cutouts or felt boards, can be trimmed into designs and shapes then decorated to dress up boxes.

Older kids not impressed by cardboard kitchens or box crafts?

Have them look at Caine’s Arcade and check out what one boy with a recycling message designed with his box collection. They can also learn more about the Global Cardboard Challenge.

For a big step above the do it yourself project, look at the cardboard labyrinth display made by architect Carlos Teixeira. The large maze was constructed of layers of recycled cardboard and hardly resembles boxes. Another incredible cardboard creation is from Zimoun, who designed a massive sound installation from boxes.

For additional cardboard project compilations, Tip Junkie has 32 ideas on reusing cardboard boxes and Red Ted Art has put together 40 box crafts for playtime.

They will have fun choosing and constructing a cardboard mission, and even more fun playing with the finished project.

Image Source: by Martha Stewart: Cardboard Box Oven

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