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Rent Cars by the Minute

Car2go is a German company that allows drivers to hire cars by the minute. Depleting the need to justify an hourly rate with moderate to long distance travel. Instead, cars can be utilized for shorter trips when walking is impractical and public transport, inaccessible. As with mid-distance commutes to work and last minute trips to the grocery store.

Car2go has vehicles deposited throughout participating cities, all which can be found through an app and reserved online in as little as 30 minutes in advance. If you’re not making a reservation, simply use any of the car2go vehicles closest to you. After your trip is over, you can drop off the car in one of the company’s free park-spots, which often pepper the entire city.


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Outside of Germany, car2go operates in London and Birmingham in the UK and in major cities in Canada and the U.S., including Austen, Miami, and Toronto. To use their services, you first pay a registration fee. This comes to £29.90 in the UK and $35.00 in the U.S. Beyond that, there are no annual fees for use. In the U.S., the rate for minute is $0.38, with an hourly- and daily-rate of $13.99 and $72.99, respectively.

The cost of fuel is paid for by the company. Drivers are furthermore given a prepaid gas-card, which they are encouraged to use once the car reaches 1/4-tank full. Drivers that do this earn an additional 20 minutes of free driving.

One of the downsides to car2go, however, is the lack of time tracking within the vehicle you’re operating. Though you could keep track on your own accord, this does make it easy to stack up the minutes and cost of renting without the driver’s knowledge.

To conclude, car renting, while an imperfect means of efficient migration, diminishes the cost and fuel use of car-ownership, and improves flexibility when used as a compliment to public transportation.

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