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Camping Gets A Charge

Camping excursions without proper gear can be problematic.

However, some high tech wonders that will only be a camper’s dream for most have moved past the idea phase and onto the drawing board. Not yet reaching into the world of available merchandise, these concept products would step up camping convenience a notch.

One item that would have the power to literally transform an outdoor stay is the Orange™ Solar Tent.

This idea combines solar power and turns a normal tent into a charging station for mobile devices. The design is constructed of sturdy photovoltaic fabric to help capture and store sun power. It also comes complete with an LCD screen and onboard wireless internet signal. Additionally, an energy monitoring station keeps track of available power.

What’s more, it eliminates that “I can’t find my tent in the dark” problem. Owners can actually send the tent a text and it will respond with a visible glow. Another problem it tries to alleviate is a cold ground, which can be a not so nice side effect of tent sleeping. By utilizing a built in ground heating element that can sense if the inside temperature drops, the bottom of the tent will automatically heat up if it gets too cold in the night.

Though charging equipment is a bonus, would the other features  make camping seem a little less – camping like?

Not just reserved for camping, but if you have ever been on a less than accommodating outdoor trip for a few nights you may have been able to put this to use. Developed by researchers, this solar powered toothbrush may actually do away with the need for toothpaste.

Camping Gets A Charge

Image source: www.goodcleantech.pcmag.com/at-home

Called the Soladey-J3X, it has a solar panel at the bottom of the structure and electrons that rise to the top via a wire. During the process bacteria cells are destroyed through a chemical reaction that can remove plaque.

These concept ideas could definitely prove useful in other areas  where their modern take on the utilitarian could be put to good use. Though super tech tents may not be necessary for camping, and getting to leave behind the toothpaste doesn’t really provide that much more room for other needed packed supplies, watching what creative minds can do with technology is entertaining.

Speaking of entertainment, watch the Solar Tent conception shelters in proposed action at a Glastonbury Festival:

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