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Buy Local = Buy Better

Chances are, if you’re here, you already have taken or might plan to take environmental action to reduce the effects of pollution and urbanization on the planet.

It could be as simple as turning off the lights and unplugging the toaster when not in use, or you could be living without plastic and installing solar panels. Either way, the little things we do every day can add up to help preserve our environment. Out of ideas? Well, if turning off the lights isn’t enough, here are some other ways to reduce your footprint in one of the lesser known ways. Yes, it’s our food habits.

We might think that we are saving on gas by making a weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip to a supermarket where all the groceries are in one place, when in the long run we can not only save on gas, but help the local economy. Think about it this way; food grown hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away is transported and shipped to many outlets of a national chain super-store. This process can use many dozens of barrels of oil, and gallons of gas. So by using an extra little bit of fuel and spending a few extra hours going to locally run businesses that are often supplied from local farms and orchards, we can reduce more than we can by just driving less.

Another way to help is to buy organic or adopt a vegan lifestyle. Certified organic farms are often independently owned, unionized, and don’t use genetically modified plants or harsh pesticides with questionable health side effects.

By buying locally or buying organic produce we are also, in a sense, voting for a healthier planet and a more prosperous economy and work force.

Sources:  “Green Union: An argument for organics”
Published 2004 by Richard C. Broekheart

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