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Books Designed For The Senses

Books captivate the senses in a way that is original to any other material. The written word, illustrations and emitted feelings provided by pages that are crafted with creative intent and skilled work can be like no other resource for developing knowledge and furthering the imagination.

Several visually and aromatically stimulating circulations have been produced that heighten the page-turner’s experience by truly embarking the senses to go along for the journey.

Dating back to 1692, Traité des Couleurs Servant à la Peinture à L’eau from artist A. Boogert is an unbelievingly detailed illustrative guide to colors and painting techniques.

Books Designed For The Senses

Image source: e-corpus.org

It offers directions on how to work shades into paintings and also provides advice on how to blend and create various hues for a myriad of color presentations.

There are more than 750 discussed forms, tools, and methods and over 750 colors included. With almost 900 images to browse through, it is definitely a visual journey and historical time capsule for anyone interested in how to bring colors to life.

All of the pages are also impressively handwritten and painted. How’s that for a rainy day project?

Check out the book in its entirety for some color inspiration.

Supposedly a scented delight (or not, depending on the fragrance) are pamphlets and books geared toward sightseers. Scented guidebooks provide a unique way to take a tour.

One titled Smell York gives an up close and personal-to-the-nose view of Yorkshire, England.

Books Designed For The Senses

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

The smell guide was a city commissioned project to give tourists a way to have a memorable record of their experiences. Engineers researched the location specific scents and synthesized them in a lab, then applied each one to the creatively aromatic guidebook. The travel companion offers 12 different scents that are as varied as the city itself.

Books Designed For The Senses

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

For example, Afternoon Tea is said to mimic a blend of loose leaf teas, spices and even has a hint of cakes and scones on the side. In stark contrast, a darker aroma called Spooky Scents emits a perfumed roses and sulfur concoction that represents wanders of a spirited kind. Other fragrant experiences range from flower blossoms to chocolate, to the distinct smell of a railway station.

Need to record it all for yourself?

Hanna Yoon, a multidisciplinary designer, has created a model of an interactive journal from scratch that lets users record their favorite ideas, spaces, events and memories.

Books Designed For The Senses

Image source: hannayoon.com

It is a refreshingly non-digital and old-school way to capture inspiration and thought – by writing it down and sketching it out.

Called the Experience Journal, Yoon refers to it as…

A visual framework for curious people!

Certainly visual, this fresh spin on journal writing would be motivation to be observant and capture your information.

These original creations wake up the ordinary book by engaging the senses, which is a sure way to inspire.

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