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Top 5 Natural History Museums

Museums are just one of those things we love visiting as kids. The fun activities, the interactive experience, and the educational atmosphere trumps almost all field trips we’ve attended throughout our schooling years.

Even as adults, the learning never ends, nor does the curiosity. If you’re interested in visiting some of the top-quality natural history museums in the world, we’ve created a short list for you.

1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Image source: www.wego.com

Fun fact: It’s the size of 18 football fields (325,000 sq. feet!).

Cool Exhibits: The Discovery Room, Sant Ocean Hall, 45-foot-long model of a Blue Whale

2. Chicago Field Museum


Image source: www.therealchicagoonline.com

Fun fact: Has the world’s largest preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil.

Cool Exhibits: The Ancient Americas Room, PlayLab, Egyptian Exhibit, Weekend Interpretive Activity Stations

3. American Museum of Natural History


Image source: www.museum-newyork.com

Fun Fact: Has the world’s largest collection of vertebrae fossils.

Cool Exhibits: Hall of Human Origins, Hall of Meteorites, The Discovery Room

4. Carnegie Museum of Natural History


Image source: www.travelmuse.com

Fun Fact: Has over 20 exhibit rooms, contains over 2,500 ancient Egyptian artifacts

Cool Exhibits: Dinosaurs In Their Time, Hall of Ancient Egypt, Discovery Room

5. Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History


Image source: www.michigan.org

Fun Fact: Contains fossils and artifacts tracing human evolution to the dawn of time

Cool Exhibits: Hall of Evolution, Michigan Wildlife Gallery, Discovery Room

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