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The Lungs Of A City

Great pillars of the Earth, running in thickets along riverbanks and spotting the backs of mountains, trees offer sylvan beauty and life – in the form of the oxygen they provide, as well as the creatures that flock to them for protection.

Of course, they can also be found in cities amassed with concrete where pavement makes way for them to take root.

And in this setting they provide more than friendly tree-lined streets.

Trees have many qualities whose value is unique to urban and suburban environments.

Areas with concentrated population density produce a heat-island effect, which accounts for higher temperatures, more greenhouse emissions, and higher rates of air-conditioning usage in the summer.

Trees, especially those of great stature, have a natural cooling effect, which soothes hot and humid conditions. For pedestrians and their pets, as well as more sociable birds and squirrels, the rich tapestry of foliage provides an escape from heat and rain.

Trees not only provide shelter from weather but also absorb any moisture, thus decreasing storm run off and reducing the chance of floods.

Another environmental concern of densely populated areas is that of commercial pollution. The presence of which damages our health and the environment. Because leaves are nets that filter the air we breath, collecting dust, toxins, and other pollutants, areas congested with industrial smog are obvious beneficiaries of the presence of trees.

In addition to protective and environmental benefits, trees prove to be a great commercial investment as well. While trees do not sprout currency, they inspire a great deal of savings.

As we have learned, trees have a knack for keeping heat at bay. This is particularly handy when consulting your air-conditioning bill, which is generally 10-15 percent lower on properties with trees. In addition, the beauty and dimension of trees add much curb appeal to a property. So much that a property’s value can be increased by 5-20 percent.

But above all, trees help keep us sane, which accounts for a lot when you have many personalities packed into one space.

It may be the trick to keeping streets abuzz with an energy of prosperity, rather than allowing the bustle of the city to engulf us.

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