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Make Your Skin Glow

There are endless products to beautify your skin.

Creams can be outrageously expensive and also contain chemicals and fragrances that can irritate the skin.

You can achieve beautiful skin from the inside out just by making some changes to your diet.

Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the skin creating wrinkles, so reducing your intake of these substances will always serve you well.

The sun can also do irreversible damage to the skin so using a sunscreen every day will protect you. Reduce your stress and your skin will reap the benefits. Below are some key ingredients to achieve a healthy glow.

Whole Grains
Introducing whole grains, as opposed to refined processed grains, will clear and moisturise your skin. Buckwheat is a good source for the antioxidant Rutin, which strengthens your capillaries and helps combat inflammation-related skin damage. Wheat germ provides the B-vitamins which assist skin cells in processing fats. Replacing refined grains such as white bread with whole grains will improve your complexion, as processed flours can cause an insulin spike, which can encourage acne.

Nuts contain Vitamin E which tends to help skin hold in moisture, relieving dryness and making skin look younger. Vitamin E also combats skin-aging free radicals and naturally protects skin from sun damage. Almonds display great antioxidant activity, and antioxidants keep the skin clear. Almonds, pistachios and walnuts also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are a great skin nutrient.

Red and Green Vegetables
Vegetables are of course good for you in more ways than one. However the skin is the largest organ on the human body and the more you eat, the better your skin. Adding vegetables with a lot of beat-carotene (think red-orange), like carrots and sweet potatoes will accelerate your glow. The beta-carotene turns into vitamin A, which acts as an antioxidant, preventing cell damage and premature aging. Vitamin A has anti-acne benefits. Spinach and other green, leafy foods contain Vitamin A and are a fabulous de-toxifying vegetable. Your skin will produce more new cells and eliminate old ones, reducing dryness and keeping your face looking bright and young.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits are very high in Vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant which can keep your skin smooth and taut. Vitamin C aids in the body’s production of collagen, a protein that forms the basic structure of your skin. Consuming vitamin C in foods like oranges, grapefruits, cherries, peppers and tomatoes can also expel free-radicals from the skin keeping it clear.

Many different seafoods contain Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. Omega-3 intake can reduce dryness and inflammation which would age you prematurely. Omega-3 fatty acids can also improve circulation which is crucial to skin health. Zinc helps fight acne because it metabolises testosterone, which affects the production of sebum, a primary cause of acne. Zinc helps new cell production and the expelling of dead skin, which gives the skin a nice glow. Fatty fish like salmon and oysters are very nourishing for the skin.

While all of these foods are fantastic for achieving an envious glow, it is important to exercise and keep stress levels down to maintain a healthy body all over.

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