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Beat Indoor Boredom With These Activities For Kids

Weather events have been extreme over the past few weeks, with many experiencing either blazing hot temperatures or frozen days, depending on which side of the globe you are on.

It can be easy for kids to become bored being indoors, and introducing a few new things to do can break a case of the stuck in the house doldrums.

Family Education has a good roundup of imaginative things to do, and many just require some time and household items.

Kids will enjoy games like coming up with unnecessary inventions and spin the globe. For silly conversation, everyone will want to join in on out of the ordinary fun like if pickles could talk and 2 truths and a fib. There are also various ideas for getting toddlers and preschoolers in on the action with scavenger hunts, science lessons, games and arts and crafts.

For the tech and screen savvy child, they have also compiled a list of 16 free educational apps.

For tons of curriculum worthy activities and lesson plans, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has assembled a variety of links to educational resources for school aged learners. Children can investigate and learn more about areas like climate change, ecosystems, health and recycling.

There are a number of interactive lessons for older kids, too. Challenges like creating a computer model for a recycling center and gaining management experiences through tasks such as cost of the toss are entertaining projects that let thinkers and planners develop their own systems.

Getting inspired to learn and have fun indoors doesn’t require expensive toys, science kits or supplies. Often, just a little time and a creative goal to focus on is enough to keep up with active minds.

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