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In Your Face Art

Sometimes artists can get very personal, reflecting a piece of themselves in such a way that is prolifically in your face.

One such example is called the Buddhist Bug Project.

From artist Anida Yoeu Ali, her living exhibition is a traveling narrative taking place throughout different landscapes. Her journey of self-exploration, religion and environment is displayed in a brightly colored and odd looking suit.

In Your Face Art

In Your Face Art

Unexpectedly inching into the gazing eyes of onlookers, the suit represents her background and upbringing but also an adult interest in Buddhism.

She performed in Cambodia, taking her performance into both cities and rural areas.

In Your Face Art In Your Face Art

According to the artist, the worm-like costume is representative of the skin, and an extension of herself and a way for her to spread her story. Also, it is meant to break barriers and serves as a facilitator for communication, both individual and public.

Experience a performance:

Images of the Buddhist Bug Project are the property of Anida Yoeu Ali and can also be seen on designboom. An exhibition and gallery can be viewed on Studio Revolt.

Another interesting and contemplative project is from Chino Otsuka.

She has taken the childhood photograph and made it so much more. By injecting pictures of herself as an adult into those from her childhood, the photograph is transformed into an interesting statement piece.

In Your Face Art

Her images both recount her past and introduce the present, telling stories about her travel, culture and identity.

In Your Face Art

The series is titled Imagine Finding Me, and it is a both sentimental and bold account of her life, but is also truly relatable.

In Your Face Art In Your Face Art

Watch the artist’s video:

All images of Imagine Finding Me are the property of Chino Otsuka and can be viewed on her gallery.

Though completely different projects, these works connect their viewers and remind that no matter the experience, the collective journey of being human is shared by all.

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