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Are There Any Positives To Our Impact On Earth?

Are There Any Positives To Our Impact On Earth?

Image source: flickr.com/photos/johhlegear

It is naïve to think that human experiences have not altered the earth’s natural processes. Our daily activities have, in fact, been an irreversible detriment to many of the planet’s way of doing things.

The field of environmental health seeks to identify how our surroundings affect human health and the environment. Research in this area uncovers many concerns about our relationship to our surroundings, but could there in fact be some positives to the human impact?

The pressing question isn’t whether or not we have altered things, but what exactly is the full effect of our modifications. How does if effect our health and the way our systems actually function? This is one focus of environmental health research, and proponents of relevant and wide-ranging applied research in this area suggest that attention and useful applications would lead to a better understanding of a changing environment on human health. This would help increase efficiency in conservation attempts and as well as public health policies.

Humans have irrevocably affected many layers of biodiversity, including plant and animal life. Research attempts to understand the implications of our impact, but some are suggesting that we should use some of our human tendencies to our advantage in comprehending how the world works.

This approach sees urban development as actually providing diversity and allows prime opportunities for examining human and animal adaptations in plant and wildlife. This model believes that a more positive outlook on the human connection with the world, and reveling in our positive effects as much as we loathe the negative ones, could be beneficial.

For instance, the upsurge in green roofs and other green areas has created vast opportunities for flexible ecosystems. Also, wildlife experts have shown that some plant and animal species have successfully adapted to disruptions caused by humans. The ability to thrive under conditions that are modified from their natural basis enables researchers with an understanding into how species evolve.

The human impact on biodiversity is definitely hard to see in a positive light, but an increased comprehension of how the environment affects our health can be constructive.

Are There Any Positives To Our Impact On Earth?

Image source: flickr.com/photos/muha

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