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An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

Once you learn about the environmental costs of not recycling, it seems like common sense to try and recycle what you can, when you can.

One company has figured out a way to help a city wide problem while taking care of recycling the large amounts of plastic water bottles that are used.

An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

Istanbul, Turkey reportedly has a huge concentration of stray animals. In attempts to raise awareness to the approximately 150,000 strays that roam the streets of the densely populated city, a company called Pugedon came up with the idea of installing outdoor machines that will dispense pet food and water.

In order to activate the dispensers, plastic bottles are inserted into the machine to be turned in for recycling. When placed inside, a serving of pet food will be doled out. Also, instead of wasting the leftover water from plastic bottles, it can be poured into a reservoir for thirsty animals.

The company will receive government assistance to get the project going, which is a more proactive and compassionate solution to address the animal problem in the area than previously mandated actions. In the past stray animals had been taken to the outer limits of the city and left to die, so animal-loving residents likely see this as a more humane alternative.

An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

In addition to increasing recycling numbers, the machines also bring attention to unwanted pets, poaching and the illegal animal trade. All of these issues contribute to the increased amounts of roaming, unattended and uncared for animals.

Combining the allure and convenience of vending machines, the love of pets and the need for recycling is a smart way to address several problems all at once.

An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

All images are via Pugedon.

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