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Alternatives To Driving

Each summer, gas prices seem to increase whilst our daily commutes get longer. Sure, the electric vehicle market is growing exponentially, but that doesn’t mean we have the money to just go out and buy a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model S. It’s time to think smart, and think conservatively.

Just because you can’t drive everywhere doesn’t mean the alternative can’t be creative. Do you enjoy rollerblading? Biking? Walking, even? Then this should be the easiest conversation you’ve ever had with yourself.

If you live in New York City, check out the NYC rent-a-bike program. It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it’s a viable option for anyone who commutes from 1-5 miles each day.

There’s also the subway metro system. While slightly more expensive for an annual membership than the bike program, it’s also just as convenient. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier for work so you can walk or bike there.

Heck, many people are even pulling out their old pair of rollerblades these days. It’s no longer “uncool” to be seen riding up to the office in skates. In fact, it might even create a trend among your colleagues. Your boss might love the innovative thinking and promote you. The possibilities are endless.

Scooters are probably the next best thing to biking. They’re easy to use, and can fold up to attach on your backpack or laptop bag. You can stuff it under your desk or in a closet, and quickly snap it back together for your commute home. You can find them at any sporting goods store, Wal-Mart, or Target.

Of course, there’s the old-fashioned “walk to work” idea, which some of you might blow off, but it’s still a favorite among those looking to save cash.

If you put the effort out to think creatively, you’ll always find a solution. You don’t necessarily have to make all your commutes using one of the above mentioned alternatives, but it’s nice to mix things up every once in awhile.

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