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Want To Reduce Your Waste On Holiday?


Image source: www.airbnb.com.au/locations/san-francisco

Who doesn’t enjoy the hedonistic pleasures a hotel has to offer? Food on demand, white, clean robes. Self-indulgence to the highest degree.

We check in, have a bath, order room service, watch a movie, and read the complimentary newspaper and magazines…..or not. The problem with hotels, is the grand scale of their waste.

The enormous amount of electricity kept burning away in the hope we choose their facilities over the countless others. Some hotels bend to the pressure of an environmentally obsessed culture and leave signs that ask us to re-use our towels, but is this enough?

Every time I stay at a hotel, there are the newspapers at the door. Whether I read them or not, they are there. Where do these un-used papers end up? Room service? How much food is wasted here. What happens to all the half-used shampoo and conditioner bottles?

One solution that is becoming extremely popular is a site called www.airBnB.com.

Anyone in the world can list or rent private property. A villa in Tuscany for a month perhaps? Or a room in Los Angeles for a week? Whatever place tickles you fancy, there is a room available. The houses or apartments listed are peoples’ homes so of course it cuts down mass waste in terms of electricity and enormous amounts of laundry. You also reduce your own carbon footprint by staying in someone’s home that is already in usage.


Image source: www.airbnb.com.au/locations/rome

Air BnB are very safe to use. Payments are through a secure site and the guests are profiled. When you host through Airbnb, your property is covered for loss or damage due to theft or vandalism caused by an Airbnb guest for up to $1,000,000.

Perhaps if more people choose to stay at existing homes and re-use resources, new hotels will be in decline and we can stop ruining habitats and decrease landfill.

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