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Preventing Acne

With the amount of chemicals packed into skincare and acne treatments as well as the addition of the commonly prescribed contraceptive pill for females, I thought it best to provide some alternatives to the treatment and prevention of acne.

There are many things that can cause acne, which manifest in boils, pimples and abscesses. It can be caused by a  number of factors including hormone imbalance, dietary deficiencies, allergies, environmental toxins and stress overload.

If your other organs such as kidneys and liver are not at optimum working condition, then the skin takes over as the detoxification organ.

Suppressing acne with antibiotics or topical treatments have significant side effects and are hardly a cure. The best medicine to start with is diet as a healthy diet will clean out your system and help clear up your skin.

Fibre – Introducing more fibre into your diet will help clean out your colon and help witht the acne from a grass roots level

Garlic – Antibacterial properties that kill acne

Dandelion – Contains inulin to help liver eliminate toxins and kills bacteria. A great alternative to coffee

Lavender – Use the oil directly on the acne area. If it is too strong, dilute with water

Tea Tree – Use the oil directly onto the area.  If it is too strong, dilute with water.  Has anti-bacterial properties and can be quite drying.

Zinc – Is highly antibacterial and is found in shellfish, soybeans, sunflower seeds and nuts

Ginger – Cleanses out the stomach which in turn is great for the body’s largest organ.  Make a tea with a couple of slices of ginger and boiling water

Calendula – Can help with digestive issues when ingested.  Also to be used in an oil burner and directly applied to skin as it promotes healing and can aid irritation.

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