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A Water Bottle You Can Eat

Move over plastic water bottles – there’s a new blob in town.

 A Water Bottle You Can Eat

Image source: designboom.com

Ooho! is an innovative concept design for holding liquids from Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche that surfaced last year and has been getting a lot of attention at design competitions.

It is a completely edible, biodegradable container capable of holding water without leaking.

This award winning idea yields an all-natural, fully consumable product that is not only inexpensive to produce, but could possibly eliminate the whole concept formed around plastic packaging. Intended as an alternative to the plastic water bottle, it is a membrane-like object that is made from brown algae and calcium chloride.

Fashioned much like the WikiCell, the form is created by spherification (check out the instructional in the video below) which is a culinary process that takes a gelatin like substance and molds it into a skin. It can then hold water or other liquids with a double layer of the gelatinous membrane.

It can even utilize retail packaging necessities, like labeling, which can put inside the drops. Since there are layers, this supposedly doesn’t affect the taste or composition of the water inside. It can also be made in different sizes as the initial mold is made ice.

What may be more exciting than this blob of water looks is that the creators have stated that they foresee this concept as something that people could make at home. A do it yourself water container project, making one, according to the inventors, is as simple as tweaking the recipe and creating your own Ooho.

And it actually does look fairly simple. This video from Inhabitat shows the process:

Their recipe was altered to include calcium lactate instead of calcium chloride, which according to the testers makes a softer membrane.

The idea is simple yet completely genius, but one problem may be to convince those a little less adventurous to think differently of how they can drink water.

A Water Bottle You Can Eat

Image source: designboom.com

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