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77 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Holiday season is here and we at Blackle Mag are celebrating the end of our first year with a well thought out and well-intended list of eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas.

The list has been compiled by our wonderful group of writers who have researched the best environmentally-friendly gift ideas around with the intention of hopefully taking the stress out of you having to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family.

We want this list to be a useful and evolving resource so please add your eco-friendly gift ideas to the comments at the bottom of the page.

The Blackle Mag team would like to wish all our readers a healthy, happy and safe holiday period with an ever-increasing focus on keeping our planet greener and as sustainable as possible…

1. Solar Powered Keyboard

Recommended by Ram Kumar, David Stewart & Toby Heap

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for PC or Mac users is powered by both indoor and outdoor light and once fully charged can be used in total darkness for three months. An app has been created by the company to keep track of the battery power on the keyboard as well as how much charge you’re getting from your source. The K750 is not only environmentally friendly because of its solar charging; it’s also PVC-free and fully recyclable. The really great thing about this is that not only is it eco friendly, but it allows you to have a wireless keyboard without the hassle of having to constantly change batteries.

2. Time

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Give friends or family members the gift of time in the form of coupons that offer your free services such as babysitting, housecleaning, gardening, painting, repair work, or running errands.

3. Energy Use Monitor

Recommended by David Stewart

The Conserve Insight from Belkin plugs into your wall socket and shows you how much electricity a device is using. This is a great idea for all home appliances. DIY Kyoto also do a similar device called the Wattson.

4. Recyclable Shoes

Recommended by Zack Wall and Brad Bodon

Toms ecological canvas-style shoes are made out of 80% recycled material. For every pair of TOMS that you buy, the company sends a new pair of shoes to children in need. The holiday spirit is all about giving, so why not make an eco-friendly fashion statement and become an ambassador of goodwill at the same time?
Or, you could remix the way we wear shoes with REKIXX. REKIXX sneakers are 100% recyclable and the world’s first and only completely landfill-free sneakers. The shoes represent design and fashion, but also awareness and sustainability.

5. Bamboo Designer Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Recommended by Ram Kumar

In recent years, the use of computers has risen considerably. What better way then to keep up with technology and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time with a keyboard made from bamboo.  One look at these and you will certainly want one. Impecca, the Company behind this sustainable design, offers you an array of textures to choose from including espresso, mahogany, walnut, natural and cherry.

6. Laughter

Recommended by Ariel McKee

The best gift I could ever receive or have given. There is genuine understanding and approval that comes with laughter. It can lift your spirits when times are rough and is a sort of right-of-passage in a relationship – especially the beginning of a friendship. When people make each other laugh, something clicks and a lasting bond is formed.

7. The Solar Suntree Solar Charger 

Recommended by David Stewart

This cookie device is shaped like a small tree and can charge an mp3 player. The tree device makes for a nice piece of eco-friendly art too.

8. Handmade Gifts

Recommended by Jennifer Copley and Toby Heap

Instead of buying items that are wrapped in plastic and shipped long distances, make something yourself or buy gifts from local craftspeople. This reduces the impacts of gift giving in terms of global warming and pollution. Or, if you are not graced with creative talents and don’t know of any local craftspeople you could support the online creative community through sites such as Etsy and Dawanda.

9. Worm Farm Kits

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

Some people maintain vegetable gardens on their land. Schools, orphanages, retirement villages, restaurants also have vegetable patches. A worm farm is a good way to generate environmentally friendly fertilizer.

10. Digital Magazine/Newspaper Subscription

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

Odds are that someone on your gift list has a subscription for a paper version of a magazine or newspaper. Help them cut down on their environmental impact by gifting a digital subscription accessible from any internet-capable device. Also, many publications offer bonus content for digital subscriptions, so you may be gifting them more than just a reduction in their paper consumption.

11. Grassy Charging Station

Recommended by Ram Kumar and Annabelle Tallentire

Let’s face it, cables and power sockets are an eye-sore in our homes. Now you can charge your devices as they sit in a charging station box full of green, luscious grass.  No more ugly cables. Just put your devices in the comfy nest of the artificial grass, let their cables route their way through the bottom compartment of the charging station and let your devices enjoy a cable-less charge.

12. EcoXPower Gadget Charging System

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

For the cyclists who never leave home without their gadgets, or for anyone who yearns to use peddle power to charge gadgets, the EcoXPower system is a wise decision. A handlebar mount keeps the gadgets safe and in view while each rotation of the peddle charges the gadgets in an eco-friendly way.

13. An Effortless Smile

Recommended by Ariel McKee

Even if it is just a grin, it is the reassurance of contentment, love, excitement and a job well done. A little flashing of the teeth never hurts either.

14. Organic Chocolate Minis Gift Basket

Recommended by Brad Bodon

These pine needle baskets are handmade by a women’s cooperative on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua of hand gathered pine needles and colorful cotton thread. The basket comes with more than 20 organic dark chocolate minis. The chocolates are both vegan and gluten-free. The bowl with lid is made of recycled magazines and is part of a program aimed at helping street children and various other social work projects in Vietnam. It is an income generator and education project for poor and neglected children, adolescents and poor women. It also provides appropriate training and promotes self-reliance for disadvantaged families and people of ethnic minorities.

15. Kork iPad Case

Recommended by Jenne Atterbery Kopalek

For the techie freak on your list why not dress up their iPad with the Kork. It’s an iPad case that is eco-friendly and comes with a built in stand.

16. Audiobooks

Recommended by Jennifer Copley and Annabelle Tallentire

Audiobooks are great for catching up on reading while cleaning the house, commuting, or exercising. Most people already own a device for listening to music that can also be used for audiobooks, which means that no extra electronic products must be purchased. Just buy a membership to an audiobook club such as Audible in the person’s name and they’ll be able to select and download their favorite books. A great gift for children too.

17. Arbor Snowboard or Skateboard

Recommended by Brad Bodon

Arbor is a line of snow, surf, and skate gear that prides itself on eco-friendly designs. The brand only uses natural alternatives like bamboo, organic cotton, and soy-based inks. Arbor even donates a percentage of profits to environmental, non-profit organizations.

18. Toys For Tots

Recommended by Ariel McKee

Sometimes picking gifts out is far more fun than opening them. You can gift someone with the gift of giving by shopping for toys together. After a day of carefree folly up and down toys aisles, you can donate your findings to Toys for Tots, so the real gift can begin.

19. Charity Sponsorships

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Many environmental and animal charities provide opportunities to sponsor endangered animals or environmental projects in other peoples’ names as gifts. Recipients usually get a few goodies (certificate, card, stuffed animal, etc.), so there is something tangible to hand over on Christmas day.

20. Solar Power Charging Station

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

The Chi-qoo Solar Power Pack Kit is a simple, do-it-yourself project, which can have big rewards for an eco-conscious consumer. The 5W panel can recharge an iPhone, for example, in as little as two hours, and it comes in sustainable bamboo.

21. Upcycled Items

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Objects that have been recreated and given another life are always a source of visual delight and recycling appreciation. Upcycled items can be purchased or made in any category and are a unique option. Seeing a product an artist has transformed anew provides an interesting and ecologically friendly gift.

22. Jute / Cotton Carry Bags

Recommended by Karan Sen

This may sound like a strange gift, but foreseeing its effect, it will reduce the usage of plastic bags which are a big threat to our environment.  There are some great designs around now too.

23. Water Powered Clock

Recommended by Ram Kumar and Brad Bodon

These stylish clocks are powered by water! No batteries or cords are needed. Just fill up the clock with tap water and add a squeeze of lemon juice from a small wedge and it has all the power it needs to keep accurate time for up to 12 weeks. The clock has a built-in memory chip so that there is no need to reset the time whenever adding more water to the tank.

24. Tree Seedlings

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

These are geared at teaching young children the importance of having a healthy tree population. This is also a reforestation initiative.

25. Double Wine Tote Bags

Recommended by Jenne Attebery Kopalek

Ever tried carrying out two bottles of wine in brown paper sacks that either slip or plastic bags that your bottle constantly clings together. Besides, those nasty plastic sacks pollute our oceans. Why not a double reusable wine sack that is helpful to mother earth and the perfect gift for the wino guru of the family.

26. Library Card

Recommended by Ariel McKee

It gives you the opportunity to travel to foreign lands from your armchair, learn college physics on a penniless budget, or spend a week in bed enduring a 19th century courtship. With books, adventures are endless. A library card may seem basic, but it gives you unlimited access to these books and all the knowledge and intrigue harbored within them. The more people that take advantage of this invaluable card keep libraries alive and rich with literature.

27. Bee Houses

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Garden centers sell attractive houses for mason bees and bumble bees that can be placed in the garden. A bee house is a gift not only for the bees, but also the gardener, because encouraging bees to stick around and pollinate plants supports a healthy, productive garden.

28. Adopt A Turkey

Recommended by Ariel McKee

For many, turkey is considered the central dish at many holidays. But if one took the time to observe turkeys, they would find a creature of great intelligence and interest. A great gift would be to adopt a turkey in someone’s honor. Doing so is easy, by giving a one-time donation of US$30, you can sponsor a turkey. By adopting a turkey, you provide it with the means to stay healthy and safe – so it can live in the fields and not end up on someone’s plate.

29. Gift of Life

Recommended by Jenne Attebery Kopalek

The one amazing gift you can give is the gift of life. Save the wolves as they are just as vital to our planet as any other species. You can donate in someone’s name and give it as a very touching gift,

30. Recycled Heirloom Objects

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Some of the best presents to give or get are special things that can be passed on from home to home. When time seemingly goes by so quickly it is nice when someone gives you a little piece of a special moment to keep.

31. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

These would dramatically decrease costs of electricity and replacing bulbs. The cost of electricity in our homes and establishments that house children, the elderly and the sick would be greatly reduced.

32. St. Jude’s Ranch Card

Recommended by Ariel McKee

Not everyone is born lucky, with a home full of love and care. For those who have had a difficult start in life, St. Jude’s Ranch offers a start to a new life. The opportunity it provides children of broken homes with is made better with donations. The recycled card program enables children to combine green methods with creativity. Each card made and sold earns a dollar for the child who crafted it. We’d say that sends a better message than any greeting card.

33. Real Fruit Jewellry

Recommended by Jenne Attebery Kopalek

Before tossing those plum or fruit leftovers into the trash would they not more useful in accessorizing your wardrobe? Well you might think no but wait until you see these gorgeous rings!

34. Canvas Tote Bag

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

While most eco-conscious consumers will already have at least one canvas tote bag, it is a valuable gift guaranteed to be used multiple times. Plus, if you intend on giving any other gifts, the tote bag can be the perfect container for the gifts, and be a gift itself.

35. Activity Memberships

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Memberships to places such as science centers, aquariums, pools, gyms, art galleries, and museums require no resource-intensive production, packaging, or shipping, so they’re far more environmentally friendly than material goods.

36. ASUS U53JC-C1 15.6-Inch Bamboo Laptop

Recommended by Ram Kumar

You cannot be anything but impressed with the U-Series of ASUS Laptops that are made from Bamboo. The use of plastic in its manufacturing has been reduced by as much as 15%. In terms of technicalities, the laptop is equipped with the latest Intel Core i5 processor that promises great performance with a tinge of greenness! Other features include USB 3.0 ports, switchable graphics and Wireless Display Technology. Your hip pocket would lose no more than US$700 for this wonder piece.

37. Greensleeve iPad Case

Recommended by Jenne Attebery Kopalek

For a throwback try this Greensleeve iPad case that is made with absolutely no electricity.

38. Solar Powered Chargers

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Who said practical presents had to be boring? Everyone can use a solar powered energy charger. Ranging in price, they are available for a wide variety of chargeable products.

39. Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case Cover Sleeve

Recommended by Ram Kumar

This recycled case cover sleeve by Proporta can be used to house your Apple iPad. This stylish cover is made from recycled leather and is a very elegant case that will be well received by any iPad lover.

40. SolarFlower

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

The SolarFlower is an open source solar energy collector that tracks the sun automatically and which can be made almost anywhere from common materials. It tracks the sun through a non-electrical mechanism and has no running costs or emissions. For the do-it-yourself member of the family or friend, the SolarFlower is a perfect eco-friendly gift.

41. Local Food Pantry Donations

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Whether donating time or goods, helping others in your community is a gift that can’t be outdone. More than the material, goodwill spreads, and that is the best gift of all.

42. Urban Farmers Mushroom Kit

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

Many food-lovers enjoy the taste of fresh mushrooms in their meals, but don’t live in areas suitable for good mushroom growth. That is a thing of the past with this oyster mushroom kit, which is able grow at least two pounds of fresh mushrooms in less than 10 days, whenever desired. The soil is made from 100 percent recycled coffee grounds and it just sits on the windowsill to grow.

43. Organic Skincare Items

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Speciality lotions, soaps or lip balms are good gift go-to’s since everyone uses them, but doesn’t always splurge on a favorite scent or environmentally friendly made line. Organic body care can be bought or made with the recipient’s preferences in mind.

44. Biodegradable iPhone 5 Case

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

This iPhone case is made from a material called EcoPure, and it doesn’t break down until placed in a microbial environment. A hard outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner shell protect the phone from drops and falls, which can create up to 15 different color combinations.

45. Live Indoor Plants

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Live plants are great gifts all around. Not only do houseplants promote better indoor air quality, but they are also an item that may be greatly appreciated during a time where focus sometimes shifts to the material. Fresh plants are soothing and can be useful, too. In addition to gorgeous greenery, herbs and plants that can be utilized for household foods, medicinals and aromatherapy are practical options. Remember to include care instructions and ensure plantings have been given a proper first transplant.

46. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks “Heirloom” Screwdriver

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

This quality wood-handle screwdriver comes with six screwdriver bits held in place by a powerful magnet. For the eco-friendly handyperson, this screwdriver will provide a lasting tool and minimal environmental impacts.

47. Indoor Herb Garden

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Growing food is great for the environment, but many people don’t have the space, time, or motivation to do it. Luckily, herbs require little care and they can be grown on sunny windowsills so that cooks can trim off fresh leaves as needed. There are plenty of attractive windowsill herb growing kits available.

48. Uncommon Goods’ Microgreens Kitchen Garden Kit

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

Comprised of a recycled steel box, soil-less growing medium, two full crops of seeds, and a bamboo lid, these kits are excellent for salad-ready, organic vegetable or spice sprouts in only two weeks. Perfect for the organic home-harvester.

49. Scented Soy Candles

Recommended by Brad Bodon

Scented Soy Candles are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest quality. Choose your favorite Scented Soy Candles in 7 oz. All scented soy candles are handmade in the U.S. The unique fragrances are created by Eco Candle Co using the highest quality fragrances and essential oils. Year-round scents include: citrus squeeze, eucalyptus mint, lavender dreams, lemongrass sage, oatmeal & honey, sea mist, spa day and warm vanilla. Seasonal scents: chai latte, white tea and ginger, sensual amber, and firewood.

50. Escama Puff Soda Pop Top Wristlet

Recommended by Jenne Attebery Kopalek

The tabs off those cans have to go somewhere, right? Why not craft them into a Escama Puff Soda Pop Top Wristlet meanwhile making a bold fashion eco-statement.

51. Gifts made of Recycled Materials

Recommended by Karan Sen

By recycling, we are saving the wastage of natural resources anyway. Encouraging such habits will further keep our sustainability hopes alive.

52. Sponsor An Animal

Recommended by Ariel McKee

For those who aren’t able to own a pet in their home you can pay for them to sponsor a pet instead. The Best Friends Animal Society allows people to help care for animals, donating to pay for pet food, toys, and grooming materials. Visit this site and see each animal individually, along with their story, personal information, and their current needs.

53. Volunteer Vacation

Recommended by Ariel McKee

Trips abroad can be more fulfilling when given a purpose. By volunteering at the destination of your choice, you get to live with the locals and learn their culture first hand. You also help their people and environment, so the elements that drew you to their region in the first place can be preserved for generations to come. This makes volunteering abroad a good gift idea for your wanderlust friend or family member. It would also be a good gift to give yourself. And because these experiences would remain with you for life, it is a gift that is never forgotten.

54. Day at a Soup Kitchen

Recommended by Ariel McKee

It may not sound glamorous, but for those who are alone during the holidays it can be great fun to spend a day meeting new people, and making their day special in the process. By taking a friend to volunteer at a food drive or soup kitchen, you share a new experience and watch first hand how a little work can make a big difference in peoples’ lives. Plus, you develop a new camaraderie for people that would otherwise be strangers, even if it were just for a day.

55. Energy Saving Curtains

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

These curtains are designed to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. They reduce electricity consumption and negate the need for air coolers.

56. Fair Trade Chocolates

Recommended by Leslie Smith and Karan Sen

Chocolates are always welcome, holiday or not. Fair Trade chocolates make wonderful choices, as do seasonal sweets that direct proceeds to benefit medical and scientific research advances. Homemade organic confections are also a gift that will be gone in less time than it takes to make them but they are definitely worth it for recipient and recipe maker, especially if you are the one doing the sampling in the name of quality control.

57. Iqua Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

Recommended by Ram Kumar

The Iqua Sun is a solar-powered headset that has a theoretically infinite standby time. It also fits securely in the ear and has decent call quality. Though the Iqua Sun may not look like much, its solar power source makes it a great choice for those wanting a Bluetooth headset with an eco-friendly bent.

58. Industrial Thermal Flasks

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

These keep beverages hot and cold for a protracted period of time. Negating the need to constantly boil water or put water in the fridge.

59. Tesla Motors Model S

Recommended by Kyle Rosas

Obviously this is not an easily acquired item, given the cost and the demand. However, if able, this is the best eco-friendly gift one can get for another. Equipped standard with a 40 kWh battery, it is definitely fiscally-practical to be saving money on the charge then spending money on a fill-up. Also, the Model S was named Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year.

60. Bamboo Tea Chest with 60 Teabags

Recommended by Brad Bodon

Uncle Lee’s exotic tea chest contains 12 flavors of tea for a total of 60 teabags. These teas are all natural, packed with anti-oxidants, Qai certified, and have eco-friendly paper teabags.

61. Organic Produce Delivery

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

There are services that deliver fresh, local, organic, seasonal produce right to your door and many of them sell gift certificates. A gift of organic produce supports a healthier lifestyle, reduces the amount of time the recipient must spend grocery shopping, and supports local farmers.

62. Dishwashers

Recommended by Thobisa Simelane

Dishwashers save water and electricity, they would greatly appreciated in nursing homes, orphanages and homes for people who are otherwise unable to take care of themselves.

63. Solar Powered Lanterns

Recommended by David Stewart

Gaiam sell very romantic looking solar lanterns that you hang from trees. If you want to make an impression with that special person, having self-powered lanterns lighting the night sky is going to put a gleam in the eye. If he or she is environmentally aware – if not, the planet still wins. They’re made from entirely recyclable material and look adorable

64. Global Goods That Aid Indigenous Cultures

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Distinctive gifts are often not mass-produced. Buying merchandise that promotes the welfare and equality of native cultures is a great way to give more than a present, but also a story of how and where the item was crafted. No matter what is selected, it will no doubt be appreciated throughout the year as will the person who gave it.

65. Clothing made of Natural Fibers

Recommended by Karan Sen

Fancy clothing is something we all admire and something that adds to our character and elegance. Clothing made of fibers like cotton, Khadi or Jute is preferred.

66. Sustainably Grown Exotic Fruits

Recommended by Leslie Smith

Gifts are a good excuse to try something new. Out of the ordinary fruits, like tropical or seasonal varieties that are different than what is normally found in the market are neat ways to mix up the conventional fruit basket or fruit of the month club. Make sure that selections are ethically and sustainably grown, and you have a tasty, healthy present that won’t go to waste.

67. Eco-friendly Christmas cards

Recommended by Brad Bodon

Every holiday season we give gifts and with those gifts, we give cards. Many greeting card manufacturers will print on recycled paper now at your request. If that is not green enough, why not send e-cards instead? Many people enjoy giving and receiving cards and e-cards are an inexpensive way to still spread holiday joy!

68. LivingColors Light Ball

Recommended by David Stewart

Philips are having bright ideas with the “Philips LivingColors Ball Light”. It’s a bulb in a glass ball, which sits on the floor. It doesn’t sound that promising until you see it. It looks rather classy, can emit light in any color and saves repainting a room when you feel like a change. The device projects any color you like (with 16 million to choose form) onto your walls and it uses durable low energy consuming LEDs.

69. Local Night Out

Recommended by Ariel McKee

Holidays don’t get their excitement from consumer goods. Often it is the build up of a holiday and the surrounding festivities that give it its magic. To sprinkle some of that magic dust on a loved one, take them out window-shopping when the entire town is aglow with fairy lights. As you stroll downtown past local book and toy-shops, with living windows on display in apparel boutiques, you’ll find you don’t even need to buy anything. The real gift is found in the excitement of children, the talk of friends, and watching the town come to life as most others are just getting to sleep.

70. Recycled Keyboard Notebook

Recommended by Ram Kumar

The recycled keyboard notebook is an amazing creation which makes use of old keyboards as the cover of the notebook! This notebook is perfect for your techno geek friend which is extremely attractive with its 62 keyboard keys covering the notebook which contains 88 lined pages. This notebook measures 7″ x 5″ and is the perfect stationary for gifting.

71. USB Sticks

Recommended by David Stewart

Great little devices but they’re usually made of plastic and metal – not the most biodegradable material out there. Well, wooden USB sticks are biodegradable. Considering how many USB sticks we’re beginning to have around the house, we might have to start looking at making them better for the environment. This is a good start. It also prompts us into considering what other small devices we have lying around that could be made out of more environmentally friendly material

72. Solar Powered Water Bottle Cap

Recommended by Ram Kumar

This water bottle lights up and is powered by solar renewable energy. There is no maintenance and no battery changes for the lights. 3 white bright LED lights are used to light up for night drinking use and for camping. The light allows you to see how much water is left or can be used for baby formula without turning the room light on. For water sports people, it can be used as a container to water proof your cell phones, watches, and other electronics. Note that it is only used for lighting purpose and is not able to warm the water. It is made with safe material for drinking purposes.

73. Baked Goods

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Instead of buying treats that have been processed and shipped, bake your own or purchase something special and unique from a local bakery.

74. A Portable Wind Turbine

Recommended by David Stewart

They are about the size of a water bottle. Kinesis (the manufacturers) claim that one hour of wind and solar action (it has a little solar panel too) can provide 300 minutes of mp3 player time. Not bad at all, and with these kind of devices being still in their infancy we can look forward to even more exciting, productive products in the future.

75. Porcelain Pots and Vases

Recommended by Karan Sen

Another gift that could be given is a habit. By gifting pots and vases of porcelain, we are gifting a habit to plant and, in turn, a hope for keeping the environment green.

76. Solar Powered Toys

Recommended by Jennifer Copley

Both kids and adults love toys and gadgets, but batteries are terrible for the environment. Solar-powered techno toys are a more eco-friendly alternative.

77. Gift Vouchers

Recommended by Toby Heap

If you have made it this far and have not found anything then keep in mind that while gift vouchers may not seem like the most imaginative gift, they are an eco-friendly option because you are ensuring the recipient will be able to get something they need, thus reducing the chance of giving them a gift that will go unused. The other (even greener) option is to give them money.


We hope you found this list useful. Please let us know in the comments if you have other green gift ideas.

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