Job: Greentech Trendhunter

Blackle is always looking for new ways to encourage everyone to take steps in their everyday lives to be more environmentally conscious; we want your help to show them the latest in green technology, innovation, and electronics from grand world changing ideas to new gadgets that could help them decrease their personal carbon footprint.

We are looking for a passionate, talented, and driven writer who is an expert in the technology space. You will need to be able to identify and explore current and emerging green tech trends to find and write articles that are interesting and easy to understand for non-experts and more knowledgeable readers.

We are looking for an organized blogger with excellent writing and research skills who can write 3-5 posts per day. If you cannot commit to this number of post per day but are still interested in writing for us then you should apply for one of our general blogger roles.

The ideal candidate will:
  • Be talented, self-driven, knowledgeable, organized, flexible, passionate, and obsessed with green tech.
  • Have a strong technology / electronics network, with the ability to get access to, and publish, stories before anyone else.
  • Have exceptional writing skills with excellent grammar and the ability to produce stories efficiently and reliably.
  • Have experience as a tech blogger.
  • Have basic HTML skills, experience using WordPress, and understand how to select and edit images for blogging.
  • Have a strong grasp of statistics and a scientific mind, with the ability to question the validity of what you read.
  • Spend hours online everyday and have a very active online presence.
  • Be willing to be active in responding to comments on your articles and not get upset by insults from commenters.
How to apply

Send us an email with the following subject line: “Greentech Trendhunter” to trendhunter (at) blacklemag (dot) com and address each of the following:

  1. Give us a brief overview of who you are (your name, city, country, interests, hobbies etc.)
  2. Provide links that demonstrate your active online presence (website, blog, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)
  3. Tell us why you’re the perfect candidate (convince us)
  4. Include three writing samples (links to your work are fine)
  5. Send us five ideas you’d like to write about (one sentence pitch for each idea)
  6. Attach your C.V.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Blackle Mag Team


  • Salicia Williams November 21, 2012

    How Old Do You have to be for this job?

  • Priyanshu December 30, 2012

    Ok i will be write the articles on Social media and Cyber Security ..

  • Nuno Costa Gomes May 10, 2013

    My name is nuno, i’m 42 years old and live in portugal.
    i’am a professional journalist/photojournalist, with a larg knowledge in newspapers and on-line (multimedia) newspappers and magazines.
    Are you interest in a greentech blogger from portugal?
    I think i have the right skills for the role, a lot of themes from my country. there are many things happen in portugal mowadays and may be interest to the blackmag.
    Please send me the form to apply.
    Best regards,

    • Blackle Mag Team May 10, 2013

      Thanks Nuno. I have just sent you a separate email. Kind regards, Annabelle

      • Nuno Costa Gomes May 30, 2013

        Hello Annabelle,
        Sorry but I don’t have any email in my mail box. I search and I don’t find nothing!
        Please, can you send again the separate email.
        Best regards,

        • Blackle Mag Team May 31, 2013

          Hi Nuno, I have just resent my email to you so let me know if you don’t get it. Thanks, Annabelle

  • Shyam June 28, 2013

    Hi Blackle Mag team,

    I am really looking forward to this opportunity. I will send the mail to you as earliest.


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