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Have You Heard The IKoNO?

Magno Designs

Image source: www.magno-design.com

IKoNO is a beautiful wooden radio inspired by the old fashion ones. Designed by Singgih S. Kartono, owner of Magno-Design, this eco-design has everything the old classics have: round knobs, a speaker grill, a handle, telescopic antenna and the battery case, all within the basic ‘box’ shape.

With the aim of creating a product that will bring back memories of old radios while helping building a close relationship with the user, Kartono created this surprising cute object that sits in border between retro and modern.

Basic and simple, the radio is made from sustainable harvested wood. The light color is pine and the dark one is sonokeling wood, all kept in its natural colors and finished with a light coating of non-toxic wax.

Handcrafted by Indonesian people, the wood comes from a treenursery that the designer helped creating himself. This conscious green space harvest wood in a sustainable way and when they chop down a tree, they plant some more increasing their population while making the area greener and filled with cleaner air.

Each of the IKoNO radios comes with a user-friendly manual, not because is that difficult to operate, but to bring the user closer to the object enhacing a sense and feeling of it. This is also helpful in case there is a need of having to fix it.

Measuring 18.1 x 11.5 x 12 cm, the radio’s weight is only 1200 gr. It comes in a corrugated cardboard box that as well as its wooden body, can be recycled, composted or left to biodegrade in a short time.

Kartono is obviously aware that most of us listen to online radio or stream our favourite tunes from our computers, ipods or phones, so the radio comes with a DC-IN at the back allowing people to plug in their modern music devices but still boast some tunes through this unique handcrafted piece of design.

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