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Wooden Pallets Turned Into Functional Designs

Seemingly uninspiring items can often be repurposed into practical pieces.

Wooden Pallets are an example of an object that can be used in endless ways.

Their fairly sturdy structure and versatility make them an ideal starter base for projects. They can be painted, stained, decorated, stacked, drilled and nailed into creative, usable items.

For example, wooden pallets can be turned into the perfect desks. With only a few materials, tools and securely attached table legs you can create an instant work space. The pallets open middle allows necessities to be easily accessible.

In addition to a desk, this design can also be adapted into carts, kitchen islands or other portable tables. Castor wheels can be affixed on the bottom of the table legs if a mobile version is needed, however be sure to use wheels with a locking mechanism.

A table made from a pallet that has an energy efficient twist is a solar lamp table. By inserting solar lights into the pallet it creates instant, free outdoor lighting and a table surface.

Design Rulz lists 35 incredible ways to upcycle pallets. Furniture, planters, fencing, swings and storage are just a few examples of ways to reuse them.

Repurposing pallets evolved into a comprehensively applied model for two visionaries, Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils, who designed the internationally acclaimed Palletten House. An amazing live illustration of how basic materials can be used as functional mediums, this house turns the salvaged wood into a livable work of art.

Made from 800 recycled wooden pallets, the design makes use of the pallet’s support and construction, incorporating their open areas with housing needs like insulation, electrical systems and plumbing. The designers are teaming up with members of the government in South Africa to develop affordable housing. They estimate that their model can be made at an economic building rate of $11.00 (USD) per square foot.

Projects that combine sustainable materials with efficiency have the potential for endless designs.

Image Source: Palletten House from designboom

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