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Woven Wicker Lighting Designs

By The Andes House

Image source: www.theandeshouse.com

Chilean designers had joint local artisans to create a collection of furniture that is both, sustainable and gorgeous.

Made from locally sourced mimbre (wicker), the Made in MIMBRE includes woven lamps, tables and seats all made from the dried plant material. Biodegradable and compostable, the elegant furniture collection is an initiative from The Andes House, a not-for-profit social project that aims to add thoughtful modern design to traditional handcrafting techniques.

Local artisans make these design wonders from a town called Chimbarongo, near Chile‘s bustling capital Santiago.

The town, which is well known for their history on mimbre crafts and exceptional geographical characteristics for growing it, is the perfect context for this project to sustain itself and grow.

Wicker has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt and is made from indigenous reed and swamp grasses.

Local artisans have used the antique technique of waving mimbre to make objects for generations, and it is better known for making baskets and garden furniture. It is extremely strong, fast-growing, biodegradable and flexible so it is perfect for making curvy furniture that is both, comfortable and stylish – when it’s well designed.

Made in MIMBRE started in 2006 and at the moment have six lighting objects, standing and hanging, magazine racks and seats, but they are planning on extending their stock. They have a “Shop – Office“ that is multifunctional and used for all sorts of things including design, architecture and interior decorations.

But the true beauty of the project lies in working with an element with bad reputation, but known to everybody – as mimbre is already present in 80% of Chilean households.

With this line of sustainable furniture Made in MIMBRE, The Andes House have shown that it is possible to have a project that works out well socially, ecologically and economically (even in Latin America!), if it is well designed.

by The Andes House

Image source: www.theandeshouse.com

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