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Image source: flickr.com/photos/tomasfano

Clothes. A necessity, but most of us don’t really think about where they come from.

The story behind the making of your clothes is often something mysterious, something that happens behind the scenes. Clothing is not produced without a force of lives behind the fashion industry, although their voices more often than not go unheard.

This awareness has been circulating through movies, articles and snapshots of the people around the world who make clothing.

One eye-opening short film that surfaced last year called Handprint displays garment laborers and their literal hands-on association to clothing.

The film aims to show the significance of their work, which is toiling and workers are largely underpaid. They also often are placed in profit over safety situations in dangerous working conditions, which has unfortunately resulted in many tragedies worldwide, both historically and currently.

It is an interesting look at what society values, and challenges consumers to connect to their clothing in a way they likely have never even thought about.

From the director:

“Many people’s hands touch our clothes before we wear them. If we could see or speak to those people, we might think about them and our clothes quite differently. Handprint is a short film which imagines what it would be like if we could connect to the people who make our clothes, and encourages us to remember them.”

Earlier this year an international fashion revolution day was held to draw attention the importance of knowing where your clothes come from. Some educational resources provided by the campaign have good lessons and videos for schools and younger learners on the subject.

They have also compiled an informative reading list which includes research articles, reports and books.

Having a glimpse into what it takes to actually make clothing can make us all think differently about what we buy, and having awareness as a consumer allows control over what our purchases will support.

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