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Novel Ways to Repurpose a Novel

Most of us have personal attachments to books we have acquired either at a local bookstore, half priced store, or a garage sale.

Due to space shortages and clutter we may feel we should throw those old books into the recycle bin. Wait!

Here is a few do it yourself projects that may continue to give you love from those old books.

A book headboard is the perfect décor to any storybook bedroom. You can simply stack the books onto a headboard book shelf or you can get a bit more creative. Cut the hard back covers off the books and use them as patch work to make a beautiful DIY headboard.

Do you ever find that it is uncomfortable holding your e-reader or iPad when reading? Use a book large enough to hold your device and cut out a center section of the pages and fit the device into the hole. Save the pages you cut out for other great projects.

The left over pages of a book are great for decoupaging items such as charms, wood boxes, shoes, chairs, table, and tons more. The can also be used to seal under candle wax for nifty décor which are great gifts too.

Old books are perfect for secret stashes in which you cut out the center of the book and use it to hide personal items. Puzzle glue will help you seal up the other pages and create a good sturdy area to store cash or other trinkets. These small spaces could also do for cactus planters. Use the glue the same way you do on the stash books and add potting soil.

Know other ways to reuse old books? Let us know in the comments!

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