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Looking Good for Less

It’s that time of the year again; the time when yours or your child’s clothes are just too small.  The time to make a good first impression.

Or, maybe you are just the type of person that stands staring into your closet and can’t find a thing to wear.

Do you want to look great without breaking the bank?  Allow me to tell you how you can do so.

Start shopping at more flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, resale stores, or on Ebay.

In a rough economy we all start to count pennies, but by shopping smart you can buy name brand or simply nice, fashionable clothing for an affordable price.

When entering a resale store, garage sale, or thrift store it is easy to become discouraged.  Since these places are where a lot of unwanted clothes end up, it makes many want them less.  You will also find that it may take a while before you find clothes that you like.  But, it is worth the time you spend.  These stores have amazingly low prices and nice things.

Resale stores and boutiques are new to me, but I love the idea.  Not only do they sell clothes and other fashions, some buy your old or unwanted jewels, scarves, clothing, bags, and shoes.  If your item is sold, you receive a percentage back upon the sale.  Any merchandise not sold or no longer wanted are donated to those in need.

These stores have become relatively popular amongst the fashion-driven people out there.  It provides shoppers with a good eye for fashion affordable prices to work with.  It also provides the less fortunate or money saving crowds with gently worn clothes as opposed to full priced new clothes.

I have purchased many things from resale stores and have yet to complain.

I just bought a couple of tank tops this summer that sell retail for $20-$25 each.  But, I purchased the two name brand tank tops for $13 total.  While I was there I saw a Nike performance shirt for only $7 and a fleece Columbia jacket for $11.

Reusing has become an art form and you get to save money doing it.

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