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Impermeable Cork Umbrellas

Cork is the processed bark of Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), a tree that enjoys growing widely in Portuguese landscapes.

To get the raw material there is not need to cut down the tree it will soon generate new bark layers regenerating itself with time.

Quercus suber is originally from southwest Europe and northwest Africa and as a material, cork is more commonly used for wine stoppers, although their plastic copies are increasingly replacing them.

Cork’s bubble-form structure and natural fire resistance make it suitable for thermal insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades. A very versatile material with many uses, as well as cork stoppers we have seen the eco-friendly materials being used as boards, for acoustics, for making cute furniture, a whole pavilion in London made from cork lamps and also we have all made DIY cork stamps when we were kids. But we haven’t seen umbrellas made from the renewable material. Until now…

Meet Pelcor, a Portuguese company that makes amazing objects using cork as a textile.

They make beautiful bags, handbags and envelopes, IPhone cases and other gifts made from the biodegradable soft material. But the most impressive and latest product they have is a gorgeous surprising umbrella that makes the most out of the material’s impermeable and elastic qualities protecting people in a sustainable elegant way.

Cork is natural and very soft to the touch and the perfect material for going through a rainy day without getting wet. Very stiff and long lasting yet super light, this foldable umbrella will fit in a woman’s bag and will not weight or become that much of a hassle during the day.

With branches around Europe and North America the Percor beautiful umbrellas or any other of their cork products, can be shipped almost anywhere in the entire world after purchasing from their online shop.

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