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Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

A vignette, or grouping of objects, is an ideal way to organize a space, display favorite items and it is also a frugal design trick.

Reusing jars, containers and things from the home or garden and placing them in a vignette can liven up a table, shelf or corner of a room and create a functional display.

Some recommend certain techniques for creating a vignette presentation. For instance, one suggestion is to place main items, or anchor pieces, in odd numbers to add to the effect. Also varying the height, creating depth and playing with color, texture and themes to fit a space can help create a strong visual impact.

Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

Image source: sasinteriors.net

Though design tips can help in assembling a perfectly scaled vignette, they can also be placed in any layout, abandoning rules and doing whatever personally strikes the eye.

Perfect cleaned and undecorated, Mason jars, apothecary containers and vases are favorite multiuse objects. Reusing glass condiment and food containers are ideal for see-through storage, or they can be decked out to match an area or add an organizational element.

Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

Image source: marthastewart.com

Do it yourself etched glass storage jars and painted or decorated jar lids add to any look.

Vanity vignettes are a way to use objects from around the house to pull together everyday go to accessories.

Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

Image source: honestlywtf.com

Mini bar vignettes can provide extra storage in a small room.

Create A Collected Space With A Vignette

Image source: honestlywtf.com

Office, school and art supplies can become a styled part of the space.

They are also perfect for temporary holiday displays and a budget friendly way to decorate. For example, this creepy candy jar display for Halloween is a dark but sweet twist on a vignette design.

The best part of incorporating a vignette is that it can be reinvented and relocated whenever the mood strikes.

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