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The Inner Life – a Seat + Plant Pot + Tortoise Home

The more we get to know nature, the more we will love it, and therefore, look after it.

With the aim of incorporating nature into our everyday life, Spanish designer Martín Azúa created a collection of useful objects which can host life, both animal and vegetable.

On of the most surprising objects from his collection is a seat entitled “The Inner Life”, which serves different purposes as well as offering a comfy place to sit down and relax.

An adaptation of Azúa’s 2008 “Sillón Om”, his latest design “The Inner Life” is also made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. Polyethylene is the most common plastic and its primary use is in packaging, plastic bags and bottles among other items.

Made using the rotomolding technique, the seat boasts an organic shape and clean lines. Comfortable and stylish, this Spanish designed seat will look great in any home.

The Inner Life

A waterproof piece of furniture,  “The Inner Life” can be used in the garden or patio and will not wear out easily. Easy to clean with a wet cloth and easy to maintain, it will sure last a long time.

But if the idea is to use it indoors, it could be dressed up with a biodegradable felt cover that comes in different shades.

But the most unique and sweet aspect of this seat is that incorporates plants and animal life to its design. It’s got a plant pot on its side that allows people to grow their own plants or herbs, which can be enjoyed at dinner or just, admire their beautiful scents.

A delightful surprise hides at the back of the chair. There is a tiny hole, an entrance door to a secret shelter that can accommodate a small animal like a tortoise, mouse or even a rabbit, unfolding “The Inner Life” that hides within an object.

Image Source: Martín Azúa

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