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Upscale Refashions From 2 Designers Who Deliver

Mixing the art of upcycling with the world of fashion allows a never ending supply of inspiration.

The following 2 designers are instances of where a heightened talent for spinning fresh life into the old makes their sustainable fashions stand out.

In the hands of crafty designer Tawny Holt from Amour Sans Anguish, recycled clothing has been given a style upgrade. Reusing fabrics and materials, she cuts, sews, dyes and recreates them.

Giving refashioned clothing a kick, these exclusive wears beg to be slipped on. Her upcycled fashions have a vintage feel, are certainly unique and are dripping with a fusion of glam and a little mystery.

With a penchant for dresses that have a flowing, pixie feel, these custom clothes are available in a wide range. From bridesmaid’s gowns to stellar evening wear, they are head turners no matter what the occasion.

Goodone is another example of how modifying timeworn designs and fabrics can transform lifeless cloth into fresh apparel. Using up fabric remnants and resources that would otherwise be on their way to the trash, their fashion label doesn’t turn an eye on the environment. They have claimed their stake in the fabric and textile recycling market, and have made a classy impact.

Upscale Refashions From 2 Designers Who Deliver

Image source: goodone.co.uk

Upscale Refashions From 2 Designers Who Deliver

Image source: goodone.co.uk

Showing accountability in the fashion industry by trying to cut down waste in their production process, they utilize available ecologically conscious sources. Their clothes are a mix of sustainable fabrics and reprocessed clothing, and their line contains outfits that are casual and wearable, yet still flattering on the frame.

These one of a kind fashions are smartly made, and may make you wish there were room in the budget to purchase an inventive, updated ensemble.


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