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Upcycled Maritime Projects

Whether you live by the ocean or just want to bring the world of water indoors, a piece of nautical inspired décor will liven up a land based space.

SerpentSea features recycled designs from Sophie Aschauer. Inspired after a sailing trip, her heavy duty, colorful mats are made from recovered marine ropes. Hand woven from the sturdy sailing rope, 4 different knot types are available, which are named after notorious 17th century pirates.

Upcycled Maritime Projects

Image source: serpentsea.com/mats

She also crafts key rings from the recovered ropes. These functional pieces are named after mythological Greek sea nymphs who were said to have provided protection to sailors during stormy weather.


Image source: serpentsea.com/key-rings

IDI Studio has built a line of sea inspired furniture made from recycled materials like marine ropes and ship planks. The natural wear of the boards adds to the feel of authenticity, and the rope drawer pulls are a creative and durable way to integrate utility along with the theme.

Upcycled Maritime Projects

Image source: idistudio.it/index.html

Want to try a hand at some do it yourself nautical designs? Craftideas.info has simple marine time crafts for kids and adults.

The seashell inchies are good ways to display shell collections. Reuse ideally sized fabric or carpet samples and shells and other items can be easily affixed. Finished squares can be put in a photo display box, framed around a mirror, hung on a portion of a wall or incorporated on a room divider. They can also be pinned to a canvas or corkboard for an easily changeable display.

Upcycled Maritime Projects

Upcycled Maritime Projects



Other homemade projects that use decoupage are as easy as finding an ocean themed napkin or two. Using decoupage glue, a paintbrush and a surface to adhere it to such as recycled bottles and natural finds like stones you can have a finished item in minutes.

Upcycled Maritime Projects            Upcycled Maritime Projects

Upcycled nautical design offers a little piece of seafaring attitude to a land lover’s domain.


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