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Upcycled Fashions Becoming More Available

Upcycled clothing designs are becoming mainstream.

Once, one of a kind creations only existed formed from the hands of the crafty.

Now however, upcycled designs can be purchased, boutique style, from several sellers.

One designer offering handmade recycled clothing is Reet Aus. Her clothing line takes fabric remnants and cast off items and reforms them.

Though depending on the specific piece, her production process reduces electricity use by 89% per item and drastically reduces emissions. Also, much less water is needed than it takes to make conventional fabric based designs, up to 85% less.

Her website Trash To Trend features repurposed items like clothes, furniture and accessories as well as an upcoming waste mapping section where others can map out where various materials can be found.

Her works are a mix of contemporary yet relaxed, and a little unexpected. She also has men’s clothing available.

Upcycled Fashions Becoming More Available

Image source: trashtotrend.com

Another upcycler offering unique clothes is designer Randa Roberts. Her line, called So Comfy Designs is a vein through which old t-shirts, cardigans, pants, sweaters and other no longer wanted garments get a new life.

Her fashions use completely reused clothing, and along with taking local donations she finds her materials at area thrift shops. Her business is home based and she hand sews headbands, mittens, shirts, scarves, dresses and other clothing creations. She also offers a neat service to customers by taking their old favorites and reworking them into new designs.

Her items are supposedly super soft and wearable, thus the name of the line. Her summer dresses are casual and wearable.

Upcycled Fashions Becoming More Available

Image source: socomfydesigns.com

Made from old sweaters, fleece portions and pajamas, her scarves and mittens are winter perfect.

Upcycled Fashions Becoming More Available

Image source: socomfydesigns.com

Offering sustainable fashions to the retail market so eco conscious consumers can snatch them up brings new life to the clothing market.

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