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Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Designs that incorporate old into new and render them useful once again are smart ways to decrease waste.

Classic items can evoke memories from the past, but not if they’re sitting in the garbage pile.

Remember cassette tapes? A design focused studio shop showcasing independent creations, OOO my design certainly does.

One project tilted Cassette Is Not Dead takes the music of days past and turns them into new products. They idea began as a design project in order to make use of the surplus of unwanted cassettes that began to circle around. Items include wallets, floor lamps and box lights made from original and recorded tapes.

Their retro lighting fixtures show the old components in a new, functional way. Presented in a grouping and illuminated they provide a cool display.

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Image source: ooomydesign.tumblr.com

Got cassette tapes of your own lingering around? Try a do it yourself project and make your own cassette lamp or passé but perhaps still treasured chandelier.

Another dated piece of once daily used gear are rotary phones. Big in their day, that day has gone and now they may seem like ancient technology.

Richard Clarkson, a designer with a detailed steampunk emphasis has found a way to reuse the lasting hardware from old rotary phones in a resourceful, modern way. His creation Rotary Mechanical offers a smartphone that balances old technology with the more advanced.

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Image source: All Rotary Mechanical images are from rotarymechanical.tumblr.com

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

Decades Gone And Its Still Here

The Digital vs. Mechanical –Smartphone combines the newest of phones with some of the oldest of phone parts. Integrating quality, still functioning pieces into a current era produces the best of upcycled designs. According to the artist the work…

…combines and synthesizes digital technologies and physical mechanical systems in order to elicit more value in our everyday objects… helping to reduce or even eliminate digital rot. Rotary mechanical is a question not only about the ever increasing ‘digital take-over’ of everything in our lives but also what is lost when this happens.

Too bad it only appears to be a prototype.

Neat new ways to see old things, these are just 2 examples of recycled designs that keep the past from being completely trashed.

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