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Cardboard – Reinvented

When thinking of sustainable materials that can be constructed into myriads of different items, things like bamboo may easily come to mind.

However, cardboard is being used for some neat applications. It turns out that it is a fairly versatile option and can be artistically turned into some unexpected objects.

Sustainably made furniture is important to eco-conscious designers and homeowners. However, cardboard may not be the first thing that pops up when considering functional furniture material.

Ingenious designs by students from the University of Idaho make cardboard chairs that more resemble art-forms than cardboard boxes.

The inventive products, which utilized discarded or recycled cardboard, were made for a resourceful project entitled “Re-Furnished” and look surprisingly sturdy.

Taking cardboard productions a step further, the cardboard house definitely provides an interesting blueprint. Going beyond furniture or containers, this open house plan is constructed almost entirely of cardboard. It is made of 85% recycled elements forming a house that is 100% recyclable. What is not made of cardboard for obvious reasons is the roof, which is formed with a number 2 plastic, and is also used for water storage tanks underneath the home.

If you are up for a crafting challenge, before throwing out another round of cardboard boxes check out instructables.com for cardboard-made furniture and shelf tutorials. There are instructions along with visual inspirations that will have you doing a double-take to make sure it is really cardboard. Durable and practical, these structures with elevated style will make you want to hone your inner crafter.

These are a few examples of how cardboard can break out of its box and become much more exciting. It is hard to believe something so seemingly simple can be turned into such amazing objects. When looking at what can be done with normally tossed aside materials, inspiration to reuse is sure to follow.


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