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Getting Outdoors

You don’t have to be an avid camper to appreciate the idea of escaping the tethers of modern day life – clocks and alarms, ringing, beeping and message alerts.

Getting away from it all is something we all crave, especially when the weather outside is welcoming.

These transportable homes made just for traveling bring up a case of wanderlust.

For water adventures, this houseboat designed by Sascha Akkermann is a space that was created to provide all of the amenities of a land dwelling, just with changeable views.

Getting Outdoors

Image source: confused-direction.de

A stay in a studio houseboat like this one would certainly make water traveling interesting.

Designed by Bellomo Architects, the House Arc is a small spin on a camping cabin.

Getting Outdoors

Image source: bellomoarchitects.com

A modern update of the old-school crank-out style camper, it is made to collapse for easy mobility and is supposed to pop up and be put together without much hassle. It can also be used for extra space at home, such as a shed, office or to expand an outdoor patio area.

The unit is constructed of steel tubing and can be placed off of the ground to optimize the passive cooling capabilities. The roof is made to hold an on board solar energy generator that can provide all of the necessary electricity.

Getting Outdoors

Image source: bellomoarchitects.com

Its curved design and steady build were made to withstand all kinds of weather, probably to be appreciated by campers who are used to flimsy, leaking-during-the-rain tents.

Though probably out of the price range for most campers and travelers, they are still nice to look at.

And there is something to be said about really getting outdoors and spending some much needed time with nature, and only the essentials.

Getting Outdoors

Image source: campingtents.us

Can’t get away, but still need a spell of relaxation?

Consider borrowing items from the inside and bringing them outdoors for an evening of lounging. Try contacting a local library or entertainment company to see if they offer rentals for home theaters or outdoor projector systems.

Getting Outdoors

Image source: fancymaterial.com

A far cry from unplugging, but still fun.

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