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Hello Neighbors

This passive house design has both a solid, yet meet-and-greet style and lively green doors and windows that say welcome.

Hello Neighbors

The Leeuw House, designed by NU Architectuuratelier is an interesting construction, to say the least.

Hello Neighbors

Situated in scenic Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium, this home is not only unique looking it is also a model of energy efficiency. Its bold form does follow the volume of the adjacent structures, but its design was selected to best capture heat.

Though it does boldly stand out among its countryside neighbors, the interesting exterior façade is completely refreshing.

Hello Neighbors

The darker finish helps to absorb warmth and strategic metal placement was used in order to stop excess heat loss. Commonly applied in commercial constructions, the architects designed the exterior with sandwich panels of metal that are positioned away from the structure and act as an extra barrier to seal in warmth.

Hello Neighbors

To protect the building from wind and cold the north facing perimeter of the residence is fairly closed up.

Hello Neighbors

The house operates mainly on stored and released heat and provides a comfortable internal temperature. Neatly shaped and smartly positioned windows help to keep heat loss to a minimum while allowing ample sunlight and ventilation inside.

The overhang that runs the length of the entrance provides protection from the elements without obstructing the view from the full length windows.

Hello Neighbors Hello Neighbors

The interior is crisp and modern. Though mostly exposed, half walls and well laid out areas give a sense of privacy.

Well organized family zones and functional pieces provide each area with its own distinct room space.

Hello Neighbors

It is often hard to attain a sense of warmth in a minimalist space, but with an open floor plan, artful touches and grassy pasture views this home feels calm and lived in.

Hello Neighbors

The Leeuw House definitely breaks out of the mold of the expected and predictable presentation and wakes up the neighborhood.

Hello Neighbors

Hello Neighbors Hello Neighbors Hello Neighbors

All images are via NU Architectuuratelier. Photography by Stijn Bollaert.

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