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Falling Leaves – On A House?

Just in time for autumn and its theatrics of splendid, color concentrated falling leaves, a remodel of an outdoor space has an added element of surprise.

Located in Mayfair, London, this residential space has received a unique exterior makeover.

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Covered in 1000’s of  replicas of glimmering leaves, this renovation is an exquisite example of creative design.

The front of the home faces the street and sits amidst other structures that are also part of the house. The home and its locality are interesting also. Portions of the existing house are from the 18th century and are in an historic district of the region called the Mayfair Conservation Area, which probably added to the fuel for a stunning redo.

Falling Leaves – On A House?

The firm responsible for the project and its creative outcome, Squire and Partners, worked with many ideas before coming up with the final result, and the process took years to finalize.

Each leaf is actually a shingle that is folded and manually placed. The natural design was replicated to mimic the way that leaves actually appear, with the polished properties of each single leaf coming together to make the building look like it has been sprinkled in shimmering fall foliage.

Falling Leaves – On A House?

While the looks alone possibly hint at a biomimic design, the leaves purpose seems to be mostly ornamental. The design does come from a building near the home that is concealed with the overgrowth of Virginia Creeper.

However, the visual feast is fascinating and possibly a future concept could also be developed to offer a useful function, like added weather protection, solar panels or a reflective coating that increases efficiency. At least these leaves do not need to be watered or raked.

The interior doesn’t look too bad, either.

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Just like the piles of differently hued leaves that fall and collect throughout the season, this space is nice to look at, and offers a reminder of the simple yet remarkable brilliance that nature provides.

Falling Leaves – On A House?

All photos via Squire and Partners.

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