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A Modern Day Fortress

A sign of the times, this home was constructed with security and fortitude in mind. Dubbed the Safe House, this design from Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes is a surprising structure.

The clients requested a home with optimal security features and wanted a unique safe haven from intrusions in its neighborhood near Warsaw, Poland. However, they also wanted an inviting family home that could be connected to the outdoors whenever desired.

Enter the idea for the Safe House – and options galore.

When open, the home has access to the blue sky and outdoor views. When closed up and in lock-down mode, it is quite the opposite.

A Modern Day Fortress

In addition to the transformative element and safety provisions, the architect notes some of the energy saving features:

Partition walls were filled with mineral wool insulation, which helps efficiency and temperature regulation.

A Modern Day Fortress A Modern Day Fortress A Modern Day Fortress A Modern Day Fortress

Though the exterior resembles concrete, it is actually constructed from alder plywood that is waterproof and stained a dark color.


Sliding walls and large shutters that open are some of the features that make the mobile transformation possible.

house-closes-concrete-cube-covering-glazed-areas-6-opening-thumb-630xauto-43072 house-closes-concrete-cube-covering-glazed-areas-2-street-thumb-630xauto-43062

There is a bridge that can be let down to reveal a walkway to the terrace. This drawbridge feature is a nod to the castle like structure, but is also functional.

A Modern Day Fortress

An additional security feature are the clever safe holding zones created by the way the home positions itself, as seen at the front entrance.

A Modern Day Fortress

And all is not lost in the fun factor department, as the white aluminum used on the exterior gated door can also serve as a surface for an impressive outdoor movie projection screen.

A Modern Day Fortress

Another home that also incorporates this amazing convertible architecture is the Sliding House. Though this residence doesn’t lock up like a safeguarded fort, it does provide multifunctional elements and opens up the nature in a distinctive way, like the Safe House.

Homes that are able to be exposed or shut tight are not only versatile, but could also serve as models for future builds that may need to incorporate ideas for offering shelter from severe weather.

Both complex and practical, the concept of homes that can convert and offer their inhabitants multifarious choices for living spaces is certainly interesting.

For more on the design process of this double-duty home, have a look at the development animation of the exterior and interior of the building:

All images are © KWK Promes.

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