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These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

According to the 2010 U.S. census report, 10% of employed Americans work at least 1 day per week from home, and the numbers of those who work solely from home has climbed from 4.8% in 1997 to 6.6% in 2010.

Having a productive space is important whether at home or at the office. These 4 work pods with ecofriendly features may leave some dreaming of a quiet, accommodating place to complete tasks.

The G-Pod is a workspace with a futuristic look.

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

Image source: thegpod.com

In addition to its interesting external appearance, it is also made with efficiency in mind. It can be rotated by hand to either face or turn away from the sun and wind. This allows the user to control glaring, hot sun or to catch a natural airflow.

An onboard 12 volt charging station and a 20 watt solar panel provide indoor electricity.

The unit is constructed of water resistant and shatterproof materials like stainless steel and aluminum. The frame is made from laminated spruce, and each of the support beams are composed of 20 layers of sturdy laminate for durability.

The Tetra Shed, designed by architect David Ajasa-Adekunle, is a modular system that provides a contemporary office space. The pods can stand alone, or be grouped together to form larger, connected spaces.

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

Image source: innovation-imperative.com

Available in various colors, some other exterior finishes like copper or marine plywood coverings are also optional choices. Built to be a sustainable space, it utilizes thermal insulation and can facilitate a garden area.

Designed to be the ultimate in a modular workspace, the OfficePOD is a complete portable office setup and is meant to provide a distraction free zone. Makers of the pod suggest the environment created by this unit allows work and life balance to become a reality.

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

Image source: officepod.co.uk

Developers say the system has the capacity to drastically cut CO2 emissions when used in conjunction with corporate and work at home settings.

The pod is meant to last, with a life span of more than 25 years. The system is even constructed to be moved if necessary in order to meet changing needs. It is also available in a MeetingPOD that can accommodate up to 4 people for meetings and teamwork sessions.

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

Image source: officepod.co.uk

With a choice of 5 different configurations, the Ecospace WorkPod is mainly constructed using sustainable, certified woods. The interior is work conducive with its ergonomic design and storage centers.

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

Image source: ecospacestudios.com

The space is highly insulated with several layers, which increases the energy efficiency. The building is made to be low maintenance, and there are also heated floors throughout that operate under a low energy process for colder weather.

Solar panels, wind turbines, biomass boilers and other renewable energy sources are also options. Sedum roofs can even be placed on the structure to aid the insulation and to offer a green area that decreases the impact of the building.

If the work at home statistics remain on the increase, will these types of portable offices become more popular?

Pod systems may be a good option for those who have to rent an office space, or for corporations looking to cut costs by offering telecommuting or home based opportunities, but still want to ensure that employees have a place they can concentrate.

For those who do work from home, having a separate area to conduct business and leave work behind for a while is important.

Though the new breed of outdoor office systems may have many wanting to take a peek but afraid to actually check their price tags, it may be motivation to at least clear up that existing cluttered workstation.

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