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The Weld House

Joel Hester made a New Year’s resolution in 2006, and the end result was a spotlight to showcase his ability and creativity as a welder. The Weld House is his custom weld shop where quality, handmade furniture and artwork is produced on site.

Using sheet metal from vehicles made with metal surfaces they create distinctive industrial pieces from a mix of new and reclaimed items. They also have pieces available that are 100% reclaimed.

Vehicles made with metal were mostly found in cars from around the 1950’s through the 1980’s, so they also have to do some searching around for the materials.

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According to Hester:

I’ve always designed and built what I would like to have for myself. When I give something a thump-test, I want it to be rock solid. I most certainly don’t want anything faux.

The furniture certainly looks like it could stand up to a durability test.

Most pieces are custom and co-designed with the client, however they do carry some stock items. According to the artists and welders working with the buyer throughout the process helps develop the idea and personalize a lifetime piece that matches their exact expectations. They put photos up so that customers can check out the developments on their projects while they are being made.

Though the metal is welded into sturdy new forms, they do not mess with most of the original colors of the materials. They allow the original features of the metal, which develop a deep patina over time, to turn into a distinct color.

Using reclaimed metals and turning them into useable and durable objects that are meant to last is a perfect way to display a natural talent for the art of welding.

All images are from The Weld House.

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