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The Unique Sounding Seaweed and Silk Dress

The Masai dress from Studio 5050 is more than a pretty dress.

It is also an unexpected poetic symphony.

Inspired by a collar that makes slight swinging sounds when worn due to its silver beaded design, this dress applies the same structure and vocal principles. The designer stated that the dress was an “a-ha! moment” that struck while wearing the collar and doing a little cleaning up in the studio.

Though most of us may not get that inspired during cleaning time and would have only been entertained by the sound the collar made, probably also appreciating the feel and look. Though this everyday moment spawned a graceful creation and is motivation to listen for the beauty in even the mundane.

This Masai dress pays homage to the indigenous Kenyan tribe where the form comes from, and is a classy yet free, long piece that seems almost liquefied when worn. Intertwined with the delicate, stringing beads the dress comes together in an ensemble that evokes movement.

Handcrafted in Africa, the detailed beading is strong, yet delicate, and the neckline of the collar is handmade leather made from a skilled crafter.

Even more than just beading detail, they also emit music when in motion. The sound is taken from a number poem by Neil Mills and Elaine Mills. It was selected after much musical research due to its harmonic fit for the fabric as well as its message, which is that human voice and exertion are also musical tools.

As if this were not impressive enough, the white version of the dress is made from Sea-Tiva, which is manufactured from 75% cotton and 25% algae. The enchanting blue option is made from silk.

Their Vimeo below shows the musical dress in action:

Luxurious in appearance and not short of distinctive in sound effects, wearing this design would make the day look, feel and sound more interesting.

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