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The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

People have long held a love of being able to travel with their homes.

Last year, a graduate student in architecture, Hank Butitta, reported that he was growing tired of school projects which were seemingly not useful in the real world of architecture.

Evaluating the learning process in architectural application, he wanted to employ a full scale development instead of a project on paper for his thesis. A self-reported hands-on student, his proactive nature led him to an interesting purchase and renovation idea.

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

Wanting to do more than a drawing assignments that would never leave the conceptual board or constructing a pretend prototype, he had the idea to purchase a retired school bus for $3000 U.S. and convert the wheeled vessel into a mobile home. He spent a reported $6000 U.S. in upgrades to make it a livable space, which took 15 weeks to finish, with half of that time spent on the design process.

A significant aspect of the process was to exhibit how a relatively small space could be altered with organization and details and turned into something functional and more useful than just a conceptual plan. His instructor at the time was said to understand and support full scale projects, even if experimental and unconventional.

Configuring the 225 square foot bus into an uncluttered and uninterrupted space, he even reused materials reclaimed from an old gymnasium for the flooring.

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

Not wanting to cover the windows, he placed translucent panels underneath that can be raised or lowered, and are also insulated. In addition, 2 skylights were put in that let even more sunlight into the space.

For nighttime light, he mounted adjustable LED lighting throughout the length of the bus.

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

He made use of the openness and created a large seating area that is versatile and had underneath storage. It can be adjusted to meet living needs and can fit sleeping accommodations.

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

Complete with all of the amenities, those used to large home living may be taken aback by the enclosed quarters. But, if you have ever shared a dorm room, the thought of having a mobile home all to yourself is probably a welcome idea.

The Thesis Project Turned Mobile Living Space

Especially when you can change up the surroundings on a whim. Well, if there is enough in the wallet to fill up that enormous gas tank. Good thing there isn’t a monthly rent payment due.

Check out details of the bus tour:

All images are from Hank Bought A Bus.

Interested in bus conversions? Check out this basic DIY with floor plans to get an idea of what the project entails.

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