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The SwingLab Puts Creativity In Motion

The SwingLab Modular Swing is an eye-catching new take on an old favorite.

Remaking the porch swing into a versatile and upgraded design, it almost works like a puzzle. Pieced together to suit the swinger’s whim, the SwingLab’s modular and flexible design allows seating arrangements that can be moved to allow rocking, swaying, gliding and lounging.

The SwingLab Puts Creativity In Motion

The SwingLab Puts Creativity In Motion

Handcrafted in the U.S. by southern native Andy Hilton, the swings are made in Jackson, Mississippi, where people are said to know a thing or two about porch swings.

The seating portions are made from locally supplied cypress wood that is durable and naturally insect resistant. The frame is constructed from aluminum sourced from a local company and the suspension system is made from aircraft cables composed of galvanized steel for a superior strength.

The SwingLab Puts Creativity In Motion

The swing isn’t the only innovative idea to some from their studio, either, as they have a virtuous community approach to go along with their products. They offer up idle warehouse space to local crafters, architects, musicians and others who need a workshop area or a creative space for a show.

The stylish upgrade of the old favorite has a totally upgraded price of $900.00 U.S., but it reportedly will last for an entire lifetime of use.

Take a look at the swing in motion:

All images are from SwingLab.

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