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Birds Nests For Humans?

When one thinks of birds nests, one usually does not think, “Hmm…I’d like to live in a giant version of that.”

And yet, in the California coast in the U.S., a growing populace wakes up each morning thinking that very thought. And they’re not alone.

It began with an idea, namely Californian artist Jayson Fann’s. He thought it would be keen to create “spirit nests”, as he calls them, for humans to inhabit.Obviously not as a permanent living solution, but as a getaway home or beach property.

Something cozy to retire to after a long day’s work, or as a writer’s nest. It also works tremendously as a playhouse for children, albeit an upscaled one.

He’s created instructions and step-by-steps on his website, and he’s been doing this for years. It’s only recently begun to peak in popularity, and as trends usually go, everyone’s begun crying for one of their own.

They aren’t easy to build, but if you have time, patience, and a willing determination, you too can own a personal birds nest home on the beach or forest.

The nests themselves look positively beautiful.

They are truly a work of artistic craftsmanship, and a model standard for those seeking affordable means of constructing their next cabin. They’re sturdy, roomy, aesthetic, and very pleasing to the eye.

And because they’re made from 100% natural resources (basically, you hunt and gather the sticks yourself, kind of like…a bird), it’s easy to tear the whole thing down if need be and either start again, or abandon it for the next creative spirit to design one of their own.

This is the type of project we should be encouraging.

Heck, turn it into a school field day, and let our children go crazy with the build materials. After all, a little hard work creates character, as does teaching the importance of living in mutual harmony with nature. Do make sure to check out Jayson Fann’s artwork on his website listed above.

Who knows, perhaps his ingenuity will stoke those creative spirits deep inside and encourage you to get building.


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