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The electree Grows Power and Visual Appeal

What do you get when you cross the natural form of a tree with artful technology?

A prototype for a solar design that looks like no other, called electree.

Surfacing as a project on Kickstarter a while back, this design features both aesthetics and necessity.

Adding sunlight to this digital tree won’t make it grow, but it will charge gadgets. Resembling a sculpture of a bonsai tree with many mirrored branches, the electree is a solar charger with interesting appeal.

The electree Grows Power and Visual Appeal

Image source: Vivien Muller design from Kickstarter

It charges smartphones as well as other devices, and the sample creation has some promising features.

The tree absorbs sunlight through its 27 solar panels, which are made of a durable amorphous-silicon material. Storing energy within its inner battery, it can reportedly recharge several types of smartphones and iGear several times over on a single charge. The solar tree can completely charge in less than 3 days, but even if receiving less than 4 hours of sunlight per day it is still capable of recharging most smartphones.

It comes standard with 2 USB ports. Other options are to include various color and baseplate choices that can assimilate programmable features through the appliance, such as turning on WiFi, adjusting home lighting and music, among other controls. There is also an adaptable Qi wireless charging zone available, promising further possible advancements along with improving technology.

The electree definitely replaces ugly chargers and plain looking solar panels.

Perfect for household use as well as many other commercial and educational settings, it is a shame it seems to be only a limited prototype production. Still, it is a stimulating concept that incorporates visual charm with function, which is a needed twist in several areas of technological merchandise.

So many inventive designs may not receive the funding to become offered mainstream, but with the demand for quality, environmentally minded products on the rise hopefully neat options like this one will become affordable and more readily available.

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