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The ABC’s Of Things

Decorating a children’s room doesn’t have to be an expensive project.

Using flash cards as pictures, accents and even traveling games are a fun way to liven up a child’s space while also providing an opportunity for a learning adventure. Vintage, contemporary or fairy tale ABC cards make for an endless stockpile of crafty inspiration and hours of on hand, educational fun.

The following printables and interior design ideas are motivation to find a set of letters to play with that will bring the primary student in you back to life, but you can do it in the name of learning.

Mr. Printables has a range of printable alphabet cards in various sizes and styles.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: mrprintables.com

For tiny projects, stickers, name cards, or even games and scrapbooking there are also 2 x 2 inch cards.

Martha Stewart offers a project that gets kids involved in making their own cards with finds from the outdoors.

These American Sign Language flash cards seen on The Pioneer Woman blog are great for introducing the manual alphabet. They are fairly inexpensive but alternatively a do it yourself version could be made by photographing a family member signing. Use the printed images to teach children the proper way to sign the ABC’s. They could also be laminated for durability.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: thepioneerwoman.com

Another idea for quality education cards come from a funded Kickstarter project for ABC Wallet Cards. From SO Awesome, these are non-toxic, biodegradable, BPA free and recyclable kid-sized replicas of the “important” cards found in an adult’s wallet that little hands love to grab for.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: youguysaresoawesome.com

This idea produces a durable and versatile card that can travel along with youngsters. However, creating your own with expired identification cards like library cards would be a fun project that could be personalized with handpicked pictures or by finding a printable sticker template to match the size of the card. Just be sure not to use cards that will provide contact with any exterior ink or unsafe plastics, or consider purchasing kid-safe cards to decorate, hole-punch and put on a key-holder to carry around.

Rook No. 17 has vintage cards that all ages will appreciate.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: rookno17.com

Want something a little more modern?

These designer alphabet cards from Emma Cook are a completely modern update of the old school flashcard. Older kids may even appreciate the updated word choices to go with the letters.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: makenice.co.za

For endless letter templates, check out printable letters.

For ways to work in flash cards or favorite letters of the alphabet, Houzz has tons of inspirational pictures for creatively working the alphabet into a room.

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: houzz.com

The ABC’s Of Things

Image source: houzz.com

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