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The Slug And The Squirrel Creating New Life

American artist Jose Agatep from The Slug and the Squirrel enjoys making tiny green ecosystems inside repurposed glass jars.

He gives a new life to old containers while creating a confined space for plants to live inside.

The glass containers have various shapes and have been found around local flea markets or repurposed from the artist’s own kitchen. They include old bottles, jars, vases and pots, all made from glass because it’s easy to clean, long lasting and the best material to see through.

The incredible terrariums filled with plenty of plants, wild mosses, flowers, small stones, soil, and wood chips that he collects from nearby forests and train tracks.

The Slug and the Squirrel Terrariums

According to Agatep, the tiny self-contained ecosystems offer “a journey to ancient connections that once existed between humans and plants”.

The Slug and the Squirrel is Agatep’s own online shop selling one of a kind wilderness terrariums inspired by different landscapes and the love for living next to plants and watch them grow.

The Slug and the Squirrel TerrariumThey provide a peaceful space for contemplation on nature (in a small size), taking away our thoughts from daily stressful lives and overloaded routines.

Terrariums are perfect little green companions ideal for having on office desks, on a windowsill or for people with little time and small homes. They are very low-maintenance and only need water once in a while. This is because condensation becomes trapped on the walls and falls as water, so a natural water cycle occurs bringing precipitation back to the soil.

These beautiful terrariums are simply a tiny piece of nature, a self-contained ecosystem inside all sorts of found repurposed bottles.

A bespoke design, customers can design their own terrariums and send in photographs or drawings of their own dream-little green ecosystem, and Agatep will try his best to make that dream a reality.

Image Source: The Slug and the Squirrel

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