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Tableware From Dried Oranges

Oranges are great for making juice for breakfast, in fruit salads during the day or just eaten on their own, but we now found out that they also make great sustainable design, if they are off course, dried properly.

An innovative idea coming from Israel, ‘Solskin Peels’ turns dried, molded orange peels into functional objects ready to contain food and liquids.

The word Solskin comes from the Danish word ‘sunshine’, but Ori Sonnenschein from Solskin Design created this collection of orange-based objects from his Israel studio.

‘Solskin Peels’ includes cups, plates, containers and spoons, all made from oranges. Biodegradable locally sourced, cheap, water-resistant, this collection of unusual eco-designs are great and smell gorgeous.

Based in a Jewish-Arab village in Israel called Wahat-al-Salam, Ori Sonnenschein is an optimistic young designer who just graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel and has a promising future as a designer-maker. He loves experimenting with everyday objects and the famous line “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” goes hand in hand with his amazing designs. He uses orange peels that otherwise would go into waste or decompose inside the compost bin or create even more landfill.

He spends his time making hand-made objects, experimenting with what he has got around him and working with natural materials. But his current favorite thing at the moment comes in orange. This is because the round tasty fruits are affordable, grow locally and he can enjoy a vitamin C filled drink while designing and experimenting with them.

Sonnenschein uses a simple molding and drying technique for creating his wacky designs and he even tried turning the orange peels inside out in some designs. This gives the object a softer white texture look on the outside that makes weird and wonderful designs from everyday waste food.

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