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You won’t believe what these T’s are made of

Take a bunch of discarded plastic bottles, X-ray film and food trays, shred them, extrude the polyester into fibers, spin with recycled cotton and out comes a perfectly smooth, super durable and extremely comfortable recycled T-shirt. This is how Earthspun produces T-shirts and they do it in a factory powered by their own private solar power plant (the largest in Charlotte, North Carolina).

Earthspun T-shirts from bottles

Best of all, Earthspun don’t use any dies. Instead the garment colors come from the coloring in the recycled materials. Colors include Water Bottle Blue, Beer Bottle Brown, Soda Pop Green, X-Ray Grey, Food Tray Black and Clear Bottle White.

Earthspun T-shirts from bottles

Earthspun T-shirts from bottles

Earthspun T-shirts from bottles

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