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Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Sitting on a stretch of Dutch coastline, this unique looking home was designed by the architecture firm Paul de Ruiter. It was created for a family who are builders by trade, and they wanted an original residence that incorporated specific regions needed for the household.

Split into 2 portions, the above ground area includes the family zones. The underground expanse holds the garage and office space, as well as room for storage.

The 2 separate structures are connected by a stairway. The staircase enclosure actually forms its own intersection between the living and working quarters, and it carries up to the roof of the personal space.

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

The different structures were situated in this way in order to separate both of the spaces, but also to enhance the privacy of the living area. The slope design in bottom floor of the residence makes the raised upper portion appear farther off.

Appearing almost sterile, the interior features a minimalist style in the more public places. The layout encloses the private spaces like the sleeping areas and washrooms in the innermost sections. However, the home currently is not in a populated area which allowed for the living portion’s open design and see-through glass wall-to-ceiling windows.

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

The openness lets natural sunlight filter throughout the home, which also helps to warm up the rooms. It offers a highly energy efficient and completely sustainable design which includes a solar system, an air heat exchange and a wind turbine.

Also, for future shading and seclusion over 71,000 trees were planted on the lot and will also be utilized for pellet heating. Though hard to imagine looking at the pictures of a desolate landscape and minimalist look, once the forest growth begins the elevated structure will be displayed in a canopy of trees and natural beauty that can be observed at all times from the unobstructed inside views.

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Images are via Gira and the home can also be toured on Trendir.

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